Calgary's weather this week is full of possible thunderstorms

Jul 20 2020, 4:24 pm

Calgary’s skies just need to chill out already.

While we’ve all been holding our breaths waiting for a scorching hot summer week, Mother Nature apparently has had some other plans for us, according to the Weather Network’s seven-day forecast.

This upcoming week is a prime example, and though we may get those feels-like-30-degree-days, they come with some serious risk of thunderstorms.

The week kicks off this Monday with a relaxed high of 25°C and just a few clouds in the sky, followed by much the same on Tuesday though with a high of 28°C that feels closer to 31°C.

Wednesday is when the real fun begins, however, with risks of thunderstorms throughout Wednesday and Thursday, around 1 mm of rain falling on each day, and highs of 24°C and 27°C, respectively.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

Thursday’s wording is “risk of strong thunderstorms,” so we’d suggest being a bit more careful with your long, metal objects on July 23.

That thunderous risk lessens on Friday, which is expected to be straight sunshine and a high of 25°C — definitely the day to get those outdoor activities going without (as much of) a risk of getting caught out in a flash rainfall.

Saturday and Sunday both see their own risks of thunderstorms, with Saturday being the rainiest day of the week bringing around 5 mm of precipitation.

So here’s hoping that the last week of July is a little less electric than the one we’re about to see.

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