Calgarians most likely to think their public transit is planned for the future: poll

Jun 1 2019, 6:26 am

When it comes to planning for a future-proof system, Calgary has the top rating of five major Canadian cities with a significant public transit network.

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Forum Research released the findings of its national survey on public transit rider satisfaction this week, which indicated 47% of Calgarians believe enough is being done to expand public transit to accommodate future population growth.

This is ahead of all four other major cities surveyed, with Edmonton at 41%, Toronto at 33%, Montreal at 31%, and Vancouver at 29%.

The survey also asked riders to weigh in on a number of transit experience factors.

Riders in Calgary and Vancouver — both 83% — were more likely to say their systems are clean, compared to 75% in Montreal, 70% in Edmonton, and 70% in Toronto.

When it comes to frequency, with a rate of 82%, Toronto riders are most likely to believe their service is frequent, followed by Vancouver at 75%, Calgary at 69%, Montreal at 68%, and Edmonton at 66%.

Reliability ratings were relatively consistent across all cities, with Vancouver topping at 80%, Calgary at 78%, Toronto at 77%, Montreal at 76%, and Edmonton at 75%.

But riders in Toronto (48%), Edmonton (48%), and Montreal (45%) are most likely to say they often experience delays. In contrast, Vancouver and Calgary riders are least likely to say they are often delayed, with both cities at 37% for this metric.

For value, Calgary riders (74%) believe their service provides good value for money, ahead of Montreal at 72%, Toronto at 68%, Vancouver at 67%, and Edmonton at 65%.

And finally, when it comes to the metric that is self-determined by riders, Toronto riders believe they are least courteous, with a rating of 69%. Montreal and Edmonton tie for second place in least courteous, at 74%, followed by Vancouver at 76% and Calgary at 79%.

Overall, riders in Montreal (76%) have the highest transit satisfaction scores, with Vancouver coming in at second place (73%), followed by Calgary (70%), Toronto (68%), and Edmonton (66%).

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