6 rodeo events you have to watch at Calgary Stampede 2018

Mar 21 2018, 5:41 am

Stampede just wouldn’t be Stampede if it weren’t for the rodeo events!

Calgary has a long and proud history of cowboy culture (maybe you’ve noticed everyone wearing a large hat?), and you can’t get any more cowboy than taking part in a rodeo – or, at the least watching from a safe distance.

We’ve selected six rodeo events happening at this year’s Calgary Stampede that are all incredible to watch, each with a storied history in the Stampede.

Barrel Racing

Photo Credit: Bill Marsh / Calgary Stampede

This all-women rodeo competition is based on how fast contestants can circle three barrels in a clover pattern and run back across the scoreline.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Mary Burger
  • Pamela Capper
  • Jackie Ganter
  • Katie Garthwaite
  • Jana Griemsman
  • Emily Miller
  • Kassie Moury
  • Kimmie Wall
  • Kristy White
  • Brittney Paige Willis

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Sherry Cervi
  • Callahan Crossley
  • Nancy Csabay
  • Kathy Grimes
  • Stevi Hillman
  • Taylor Langdon
  • Lisa Lockhart
  • Amberleigh Moore
  • Tiny Schuster
  • Cayla Small

Saddle Bronc

Reminiscent of breaking horses for ranch use, saddle bronc is a classic rodeo event that requires rhythm and strength for the cowboy to stay on a bucking horse.

Holding on to the reins for balance with one hand, the cowboy must keep a free hand from touching the horse or equipment.

The cowboy must stay on the horse for eight full seconds.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Jim Berry
  • Allen Boore
  • CoBurn Bradshaw
  • Clay Elliott
  • Layton Green
  • Taos Muncy
  • Audy Reed
  • Wade Sundell
  • Jake Watson
  • Ryder Wright

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Hardy Braden
  • Jacobs Crawley
  • Sterling Crawley
  • Cody DeMoss
  • Cort Scheer
  • Zeke Thurston
  • Cody Wright
  • Jake Wright
  • Jesse Wright
  • Rusty Wright

Tie-Down Roping

In a recreation of a task as old as ranching itself, a cowboy and his horse give a calf a 10 ft. head start.

He must then rope the calf, dismount, catch up to it, turn it on its side, and tie three legs together. While the cowboy ties the calf, the horse keeps the rope taut.

This event is time based, and a faster time means higher score.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Trevor Brazile
  • Marcos Costa
  • Tyson Durfey
  • Shane Hanchey
  • Ryan Jarrett
  • Riley Pruitt
  • Cory Solomon
  • Cade Swor
  • Marty Yates
  • Hunter Herrin

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Logan Bird
  • Al Bouchard
  • Morgan Grant
  • J C Malone
  • Timber Moore
  • Lee Rombough
  • Matt Shiozawa
  • Caleb Smidt
  • Stetson Vest
  • Fred Whitfield


Photo Credit: Andy Nichols / Calgary Stampede

Imagine saddle bronc but without the luxury of a saddle. Holding onto a leather grip of a pad wrapped around the horse’s girth, the cowboy must keep a free hand from touching the horse or the equipment, and must stay on for eight seconds.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Caleb Bennet
  • Clayton Biglow
  • Ty Breuer
  • Richie Champion
  • Wyatt Denny
  • Cole Goodine
  • Ky Marshall
  • Tyler Nelson
  • J R Vezain
  • Jake Vold

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Tanner Aus
  • Jake Brown
  • Mason Clements
  • Steven Dent
  • Kaycee Feild
  • Orin Larsen
  • Clint Laye
  • Tim O’Connell
  • Steven Peebles
  • Bill Tutor

Steer Wrestling

In this event, a cowboy and his horse give a steer a 12-foot head start. They catch up and the cowboy drops from his horse, grabs the steer by the horns and brings it to a halt.

The steer is rolled onto its side, with all legs extended, and the time is taken. An extra horse and rider keep the steer running straight.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Brock Butterfield
  • Curtis Cassidy
  • Riley Duvall
  • Dakota Eldridge
  • Derek Frank
  • Nick Guy
  • Tanner Milan
  • Josh Peek
  • Matt Reeves
  • Jason Thomas

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Bray Armes
  • Luke Branquinho
  • Seth Brockman
  • Cody Cassidy
  • Ty Erickson
  • Stockton Graves
  • Clayton Hass
  • Kyle Irwin
  • J D Struxness
  • Tyler Wagwespack

Bull Riding

Photo Credit: Bill Marsh / Calgary Stampede

A classic western contest of grit and nerves, bull riding has similar rules to saddle bronc. The cowboy must hold on with just one hand, the free hand cannot touch the bull or equipment, and he has to stay on for eight seconds.

Pool A: July 7 to 10

  • Dakota Buttar
  • Ryan Dirteater
  • Joe Frost
  • Jordan Hansen
  • Mike Lee
  • Timothy Lipsett
  • Jess Lockwood
  • Garrett Smith
  • Fabiano Vieira
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira

Pool B: July 11 to 14

  • Tanner Byrne
  • Cody Coverchuk
  • Brennon Eldred
  • Sage Kimzey
  • Derek Kolbaba
  • J B Mauney
  • Chase Outlaw
  • Tyler Prankewitz
  • Brock Radford
  • Cody Teel

Calgary Stampede Rodeo 2018

When: July 6 to July 15

Where: Stampede Park, 650 25 Ave SE

Tickets: From $39 to over $109 depending on seating.

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