No one in Calgary was happy with last night's spring snowfall (PHOTOS)

Apr 13 2023, 3:58 pm

The jokes about never knowing what to expect with Calgary weather are getting really old after another snowfall hit the city last night.

It wasn’t a massive dump of snow by any means, with Environment and Climate Change Canada saying we got a mere 1 cm, but it was just the fact that it was happening that got everyone down.

The last couple of weeks of actual spring weather may have lured some people into a false sense of security. Last night’s sudden snowfall caught quite a few people off guard.

Meanwhile, some other people in Calgary got ahead of the snowfall and planned an exit strategy.

Now, if you’re new here, you may be wondering if this is normal. The short answer is, yes.  The Calgary record for snowfall on April 12 was 17.7 cm back in 2012.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the last of the snow we are expected to be seeing in Calgary.

Calgary snowfall

Environment and Climate Change Canada

We have a 60% chance of flurries today in Calgary and another 30% tomorrow before the sun comes back for the weekend.

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