This Calgary 'snowman' is next level (PHOTO)

Jan 21 2018, 8:13 pm

It’s a well-known fact that Calgary is no stranger to snow.

Cold winters and significant snowfalls come with being a part of the true north strong and free (unless you’re in Vancouver, that is), meaning that Calgarians have ample time to hone their snowman-making craft.

And this one Instagrammer’s neighbour is definitely no exception.

Instead of rolling the usual three balls of snow, finding a few arm-like sticks, and creating eyes out of whatever rocks were lying around, this creator artist built something a little more unique.

Namely, a gigantic gorilla.

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A neighbour of the snow-gorilla snapped a photo and posted it to Instagram on Sunday, with the caption: “This is what it looks like when your neighbours take building a snowman to a whole new level!”

According to a comment, the gorilla is located in Calgary’s Hillhurst neighbourhood around 2nd Avenue and 15th Street.

Using the stop sign in the background for scale – which are usually 7 feet – we can safely estimate this beast at around a staggering six feet tall.

That’s one serious ape.

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