Average rent for one-bedroom in Calgary is $1,020 cheaper than Canada's most expensive city

Feb 16 2022, 7:55 pm

Renters in Calgary are likely to save some cash on rent compared to other cities in Canada, and the dollar amounts are mind boggling.

Calgary has one of the lowest rent prices in the whole country, and we love to see it!

There are downsides to living in Calgary, certainly. However, while we may have particularly brutal winters in Alberta, that just makes us appreciate our stunning summers even more, right?

Plus, staying bundled up at home during the cold weather lets us save some money since we aren’t being price-gouged by rent costs.

Zumper just released its February Canadian Rent Report, and Calgary has remained as the 17th most costly rental city in the country, out of a ranking of 23 cities.

A one-bedroom place will now cost Calgarians an average of $1,180 to rent, a slight increase over last month and a 7.3% raise in price compared to the same month in 2021.

A two-bedroom bumps you up to $1,380, a 3.8% increase compared to this time last year but a 0.7% decrease from the previous month.

On the national rent list, Vancouver ranks in the number one spot, with rent for a one-bedroom coming in at a staggering $2,200. Want a two-bed pad? That’ll cost you over $3,000.

A Calgarian looking to make the move to Vancouver and needing a one-bedroom place would be paying $1,020 per month more than they are in YYC, while the price difference for a two-bedroom is $1,640.

Sure, the summers are gorgeous in Van, and the winters are much milder, but to pay that much for a ton of rain and cloud cover for the majority of the year? Nah.

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Rent prices in the second most expensive city on the list, Toronto, aren’t as sky-high as Vancouver, but they’re still wild compared to Calgary. A one-bedroom comes in at $1,840 and a two-bedroom lands at $2,370.

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