Calgary police cars will remain black and white, following review of colour scheme

Jan 18 2018, 6:31 pm

The Calgary Police Service will be keeping their cars as they are, following the closure of a review on the vehicles’ colour scheme.

Terry Larson, an inspector with the Calgary police’s traffic section, said that the review was prompted by some citizens saying that the black and white on the newer fleet – which was introduced in 2012 after Ford ended production of the Crown Victoria – was too intimidating.

“There was some criticism of it looking aggressive,” Larson said to Daily Hive in a phone interview.

“The police commission picked up on some of that, and the chief was asked some questions, so we reviewed it again.”

Larson said that they ultimately decided to keep the current colour scheme, partially due to the lower cost of the black and white cars.

He said that black cars are generally cheaper, and as they only have to do a white decal wrap on the front doors, the price is lower than it was for the Crown Victorias.

“Between the paint scheme change in decaling, smaller and fewer decals … it led to a cost savings for us, which is something that we’re always looking at when it comes to tax dollars,” Larson said.

The resale of black cars is also easier, he said, which factors in as police vehicles are often auctioned off after police are finished with them.

According to the Calgary Police Service’s website, the introduction of the black and white colour scheme in 2012 was due in part to research that suggested increased visibility and recognition from the public, improved safety, and economic efficiencies from those colours.

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