Calgary mom creates Instagram account to feature homemade forts

Mar 19 2020, 9:16 am

Michelle Alexander was home with her two-year-old for the first time in a while, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was hunting for activities to keep her baby busy.

“I felt like we were blowing through activities one after the other,” Alexander explained in a phone interview with Daily Hive. “So we built a fort and it ended up entertaining our two-year-old for more than three minutes.”

Alexander was on maternity leave with her baby when her other child, a toddler, had to return home due to their grandparents going into isolation.


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That entertainment breakthrough led to the creation of a new Instagram account, YYC Forts, and the spawning of a new hashtag, #yycfortbuildingchallenge.


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“Initially, I said that if one family built a fort and had fun with it, my goal is complete,” she said. “The exposure the account has received since opening has been a surprise.”


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Alexander had initially envisioned parents building forts for their kids, but said that she’s been delighted to see a lot of adults in isolation building forts and using the hashtag.

“The message I’m trying to convey is that we can be alone together,” said Alexander.

“Forts are for everyone…and the messages I’ve gotten from people building and having fun with their forts warms my heart.”


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You can follow the account @yycfortbuildingchallenge and you can use the hashtag #yycfortbuildingchallenge to be featured on the page.

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