Calgary's mayor is frustrated after a drag show is cancelled due to protests

Feb 10 2023, 7:26 pm

Calgary’s mayor Jyoti Gondek has voiced her frustration after a Calgary drag show was canceled due to protest concerns.

Chinook Blast announced that Drag on Ice and DJ Gaysnakes have been postponed “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

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Chinook Blast

The events were set to take place at Olympic Plaza over the weekend and will be rescheduled.

There were protests planned for the events.

Calgary’s mayor, Jyoti Gondek confirmed on social media that it was due to those protests. And the mayor has had enough.

This is not the first time protests like these have been scheduled to cause a problem for drag performances in Calgary.

Gondek says she is looking “for a better way to address protests rooted in hatred.”

She thanked the police for looking into different ways to deal with public assemblies saying “some protests are designed to perpetuate fear and hate.” She then had a message for the city.

There are still several Chinook Blast events scheduled across the city for their last weekend.

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