12 DIY classes in Calgary where you can learn some serious skills

Feb 13 2018, 5:01 pm

This year’s focus is all about taking the time to slow down and treat yourself to a little Rest and Relaxation.

This may be different for all of us, but for some it means finding a way to spark creativity through a new craft, event, project, or really anything that involves spending a chunk of time offline. With this being said, we all know how self-guided crafts can turn out – half complete, full of frustration, and a major Pinterest fail.

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We encourage you to save yourself all that time, stress, and money by instead checking out some of the great DIY classes held throughout the city. You’ll have the opportunity to learn a rad new skill, have some hands-on fun, and bring home both a new hobby and item created by you! These classes are also a great way to spend quality time with your pals, switch up date night, or simply meet a new group of like-minded people.

From food workshops to creating your very own home decor, we have rounded up some of our favourite DIY classes throughout the city for you to check out.

Happy crafting!

Heart and Swirl Interactive Art Workshops

  • What: Don’t take yourself for an artist? Think again! Grab your paint brush and canvas and follow the instructions of one of Heart & Swirl’s very talented local artists as they guide you through approachable techniques to create a stunning work of art. The best part? Each event offers a complimentary wine and food tasting that will allow you to swirl more than just your brush!
  • Where: Varies locations around the city
  • When: See all upcoming workshops here!

Greater Goods Boutique and Tea Bar

  • What: Tucked away in the heart of Bridgeland, this beautiful heritage space is not only home to a tea bar and local shop, but it actually transforms into a full blown workshop when the doors are closed. From water colour painting to kitting 101 to wordlettering, stay tuned to their social media to see what sort of workshop roster is in store for this year!
  • Where: Greater Goods Boutique and Tea Bar – 606 Meredith Road NE
  • When: See all upcoming workshops here!

Ollia Macaron and Tea

  • What: Ever wonder how to make a French macaron? Look no further. Everyone’s favourite macaron shop hosts Macaron Baking Classes, offering exclusive lesson on how to properly engage in some macaronage, get the perfect shell, and create various flavours. If baking isn’t your thing, they also offer tea blending classes, along with macaron tasting events that will pair your favourite French wine or tea to various flavours of macarons. Bon appetite!
  • Where: Ollia Macaron and Tea – 810c 16th Avenue SW
  • When: Check upcoming workshop dates here!

Pinnovate DIY Craft and Art Studio

  • What: Finally tired of continuous #pinterestfails? Named Canada’s first DIY studio, you can choose from over 60+ Pinterest inspired DIY projects for all experience levels to conquer. Their handy team of Pinnovators will ensure that the end result of your project is a masterpiece! While you work away on your project you’ll stay alert with a latte from Rosso Cafe, hydrated with a Fiasco float, and well-nourished with in-house pizza.
  • Where: Pinnovate – 137 Mahogany Plaza SE
  • When: Make a reservation here or find their various workshop dates here!

Workshop Studios Calgary 

  • What: Don’t you think the coffee you drink in the morning would taste so much better in a cup made by yours truly? Learn how to wheel throw with local Calgary artists and create a glazed masterpiece that will make your Monday mornings that much brighter! One bag of clay, glazes, and firing are all included in the class prices.
  • Where: 2501 Alyth Road SE
  • When: Check upcoming workshop dates here!

Coffee Roasting with Phil and Sebastian

  • What: To accompany your handmade mug, learn how to make your morning cuppa Joe fresher than ever. Join local Calgary Coffee experts at Phil and Sebastian for classes on how to brew a proper coffee, tips and tricks on espresso techniques and extraction, and how to create a masterpiece in the form of latte art. Classes are kept small and intimate so you can guarantee some one-on-one time with the skilled baristas in order to perfect your methods!
  • Where: Phil and Sebastian, Simmons Building – 618 Confluence Way SE
  • When: Check all upcoming workshop dates here!

Create Gelato with Fiasco Gelato 

  • What: Grab a partner and join Fiasco Gelato for an evening full of tasty fun! You will get the opportunity to go on an exclusive culinary tour as you learn the history of ice cream’s favourite cousin, then proceed to make your very own batch of gelato or sorbet in a flavour of your choice. As you create your gelato you will, sip on local wine or beer, munch on charcuterie, and, in the end, take home four pints of your own concoction!
  • Where: 221 19th Street SE
  • When: Check all upcoming workshop dates here!

Atco Blue Flame Kitchen Cooking Classes

  • What: Looking to spice things up in the kitchen? Check out one of the many cooking classes offered for all experience levels to learn some delicious new dishes to try out with the fam. From Indian specialities to Italian Pasta to Swiss favourites, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your culinary knowledge on an International level!
  • Where: 909 11th Avenue SW
  • When: Check all upcoming workshops here!


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  • What: Get you green thumb ready to create a living piece that will perfectly accessorize any room of your home. From terrarium workshops to learning how to work with houseplants, you’ll learn everything you need to know on how to be an amazing plant parent. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with friends or hang out with your significant other as you work together to create something for your place. All materials are provided in each class.
  • Where: Plant – 1327 9th Avenue SE
  • See upcoming workshop dates here!

Baking Classes with Crave Cupcakes

  • What: When you see those cake decorating videos don’t you always just wonder how they do it? Search no further by joining the cake experts at Crave Cupcakes for various workshops on cake and cupcake decorating. You’ll be a hit at every party once you master this sweet skill!
  • Where: Crave Cookies and Cupcakes – 1107 Kensington Road NW
  • When: See up coming workshop dates here!

Knitting Classes with Pudding Yarn

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  • What: In the spirit of self-care, it’s often been said that knitting can actually be used to sooth anxiety and calm nerves during a stressful week – that is, if you even know how to do it! Learn the basics with Pudding Yarn so that you can move on to create various socks, shirts, hats, and more!
  • Where: Pudding Yarn – 1516 6th Street SW
  • When: See upcoming workshop dates here!

White Space Writers Weekly Write-In

  • What: Looking for some inspiration, a place to write that isn’t your kitchen table, or simply some guidance on a writing project? For only $5 you can join White Space Writers every Tuesday morning and receive a work space, unlimited coffee, accessibility to writing resources (aka they will look over a piece you’re working on) and a writing prompt – if that’s what you’re interested in. Plus, you might even make a new creative friend or three, which is priceless!
  • When: Tuesday, January 16 to March 20
  • Time: 9 am to 12 pm
  • Where: Loft 112 – 535 8th Avenue SE
  • Admission: $5
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