Calgary cyclists can now face a $400 fine for going too fast

Jun 8 2019, 4:31 am

Next time you’re in a rush to get somewhere on your bike, you may want to pump those brakes.

The City of Calgary upped their fines for bikers who are caught speeding, meaning that if you’re going more than 10 km/h than the posted speed limit, you could now be fined up to $400.

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The fine was increased this past March by eight-fold, according to city bylaw 11M2019, from $50 to $400 ā€” though you’ll bike away with a less expensive ticket if you’re only going 10 km over the limit, or if the person writing the ticket feels generous and gives you the minimum of $250 for over 10 km/h or $100 for up to 10 km/h over.

On most Calgary bike pathways, the maximum speed limit is 20 km/h, unless there’s a sign that says otherwise in the area.

Calgary made a change to the fine due to a review of the parks and pathways in 2018 in an attempt to reduce collisions with other cyclists, pedestrians, and animals.

Bike safely out there, Calgary!

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