Calgarians can expect some significant rainfall this week

Jun 12 2019, 12:12 am

It isn’t springtime without a few showers, though it looks like Mother Nature has decided to save all that rainfall for these last few weeks before summer truly arrives.

Calgarians should expect to see some consistent showers starting this weekend and continuing on into next week, with up to 30 mm of precipitation a possibility over the next six days.

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There are a few chances for the sun to shine through, however, as Environment Canada shows only a 30% chance of showers on Saturday and sunshine on Sunday.


Calgary weather this week (Environment Canada)

We’ll also have one last chance to enjoy the spring sun before it disappears behind rainclouds on Wednesday, when it is expected to reach temperatures as high as 27Ā°C.

The rainfall starts in earnest on Thursday with a 60% chance of showers during the day and a 70% chance at night. Both Friday and Monday will see a 60% chance throughout the day as well.

Heading over to The Weather Network finds a slightly different forecast, with a 60% chance of precipitation on Thursday and a 40% chance on Sunday and Monday.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

Calgarians will face roughly 5 mm of rainfall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, just 1 mm on Sunday, and another 5 to 10 mm on Monday.

If you haven’t invested in a good umbrella yet, we’d suggest doing it now ā€” before you get caught out in that rain!

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