2 Calgarians charged for crashing stolen vehicle into semi truck: police

Feb 7 2020, 10:52 pm

The Calgary Police Service has arrested and charged two young Calgarians after they allegedly crashed a stolen vehicle into a semi-trailer truck.

A release from the Calgary Police Service states that a Ford Explorer had been driving dangerously at around 11:50 pm on Sunday, February 2.

Police identified the vehicle as stolen, and CPS’s HAWCS helicopter followed the vehicle as it allegedly ran red lights and drove at high rates of speed.

The vehicle would eventually crash into a semi-trailer truck just east of the city, where officers report arresting the two occupants of the vehicle.

Christopher Leaming, 24-year-old, and Kisha Chickeness, 23-year-old, have both been charged with a number of counts, including possession of stolen property and dangerous driving for Leaming as well as 21 outstanding criminal warrants for Chickeness.

They are both expected to appear in court later this month.

“The offenders in this case were both in breach of their release conditions and demonstrated no regard for the safety of other drivers on the road,” said Sgt. Garth Kowalyk of the CPS Specialized Offender Investigative Team.

“These actions were extremely dangerous and put the safety of our citizens and officers at risk.”

The vehicle was stolen during a garage break-and-enter through an unlocked door in SW Calgary, police say.

The release also included a list of tips that Calgarians can follow to reduce their likelyhood of becoming victims of theft:

  • Removing valuables from vehicles.
  • Ensuring vehicles are locked, windows are closed and if possible, parked in a garage.
  • Closing garage doors and windows.
  • Locking any person-doors in the garage, including those leading into a house.
  • Checking that all house doors – front, back, side and garage – are locked.
  • Ensuring all windows are shut.
  • Turning on an exterior light.

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