These are the best theme rooms in Fantasyland Hotel that you have to stay in (PHOTOS)

May 3 2022, 8:28 pm

It is a staple of Edmonton and after one stay in Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall, you’ll know exactly what all the hype is about.

The hotel certainly is one of the most unique in the entire world, boasting 120 theme rooms inside in addition to regular rooms.

We got to thinking, what are some of the best theme rooms that you simply must stay in, and we rounded up seven fantastic theme rooms.

Let’s go through the list of what is up for grabs; you can book rooms with a theme revolving around space, Hollywood, modern Polynesian, roman, modern igloo, Polynesian, western, imperial, truck, African, Victorian coach, pirate, sports, princess, Canadian cabin, and pirate.

These are the ones that really stood out for us when it comes to an unforgettable stay.

Space Theme Room

Why we chose it: C’mon, who DOESN’T love space?! The room truly transports you to another dimension thanks to its elaborate design. We truly were like did Dua Lipa sneak in this room to shoot the album cover for Future Nostalgia? Cause it is SPACEY. Oh, and did we mention there are two 65″ HD TVs, capsule bunk beds, and a two-person jacuzzi? Oh, yea.

Truck Theme Room

Why we chose it: You are literally sleeping in the back of a truck, how absurd! There’s also a set of bunk beds in a “fire engine” if you opt for the luxury version of this theme room. It’s also equipped with antique gas pumps and traffic lights to really get you into that vehicular mood.

Modern Igloo Theme Room

Why we chose it: Alberta may be known for its harsh and cruel cold snaps during the winter months, but staying in the modern igloo theme rooms looks too dang cool to pass up.  A king-sized bed underneath the dome of an “igloo”? Yes, please.

Roman Theme Room


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Why we chose it: These theme rooms are newly renovated and feature a circular king bed, set in Ancient Rome of course. The room just oozes with class — just look at it!

Hollywood Theme Room


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Why we chose it: Everyone wants to live like a Hollywood star and the Hollywood theme room gives you the chance to, even if it’s just for a night. The king bed is surrounded by Vegas-style lights and a purple zebra print carpet, there’s a decorative dance pole and a two-person jacuzzi. Now THAT sounds like a party.

Pirate Theme Room


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Why we chose it: We all have seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so here is your chance to set sail like a pirate in this theme room. Go for the king-size bed or the bunk beds IN a pirate ship, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy the two 55″ HD TVs and the two-person jacuzzi, too.

Princess Theme Room

Why we chose it: Being pampered and relaxing like royalty? That doesn’t sound like the worst thing, now does it? The luxury princess theme room offers up one king bed and bunk beds in a CASTLE! Rule over your kingdom with this super unique room and its opulent interior.

So with options like Galaxyland, the Waterpark, mini-golf, ice skating, bowling, and of course shopping at your fingertips during your stay, a stay at Fantasyland Hotel is truly a one-of-a-kind event.

Careful though, once you stay in one theme room you’re going to want to try them all.

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