10 must-try summer treats in Calgary

Jun 13 2017, 5:29 am

If you’re thinking about needing to work on getting a beach body, these summer treats will make you feel blessed that you’re living in landlocked Alberta.

To beat the heat, you’ve got to get a taste of these 10 must-try summer treats in Calgary.

1. Pink lemonade sorbet from Village Ice Cream

This refreshingly tangy cranberry lemon twist sorbet screams summer. Get it while it lasts. Villagers are scooping until 11 pm every night.

Address: 3 Calgary locations; check website for details
Instagram: @villageicecream

2. Wafflebowls from Buttermilk Fine Waffles

Serving up three different flavours, these wafflebowls are drool-inducing. The fruit wafflebowl is made up of waffle chunks loaded with strawberries, strawberry syrup, rich raspberry cream, and a dollop of whip. For those who like to indulge, get the Coffee Crisp sundae wafflebowl packed with coffee cream, crushed wafers, chocolate sauce that’s then topped with a scoop of vanilla Village ice cream or try the ABC bowl made with almonds, banana, coconut, whipped cream, and sticky toffee.

Address: 330 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @buttermilkyyc

3. The Nanaimo shake from Regrub

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Any of Regrub’s quirky shakes will bring you to sugar bliss. To celebrate Canada’s 150th, try the Nanaimo shake made with your choice of a vanilla or chocolate shake base that is mixed with caramel drizzle in the moustache adorned mug. The rim has chocolate fudge with yellow sprinkles and is garnished with a thick Nanaimo bar and two buttery biscuits on top.

Address: 625 11 Avenue SW
Instagram: @regrub_love

4. Filled croissant from Monogram Coffee baked by Butter Block YYC

Every Friday, Monogram Coffee is featuring a generously filled and decked out flaky croissant made by Butter Block YYC. Warning: limited croissants offered. We suggest you run there on Friday in the AM.

Address: 5 Ave Place- 420 2 Street SW
Address: 4814 16 Street SW
Instagram: @monogramco

5. 90s Kid sundae from Made by Marcus

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If your mornings as a child started with packing up your Pogs in your knapsack and grabbing a Pop Tart for breakfast, this sundae is for you. Scoops of strawberry white chocolate ice cream are dressed in rainbow sprinkles and garish Pop Rocks with a strawberry jam centre Pop Tart stuck into it this colourful and nostalgic creation.

Address: 1013 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @madebymarcus

6. Nutella custard shake from Clive Burger

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Made with heaping spoonfuls (like the spoonfuls you deny you eat out of the jar) of Nutella, this chocolate hazelnut custard shake is for sinful summer sipping. Act fast- it’s only available in June.

Address: 736 17 Ave SW
Instagram: @cliveburger

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7. Single serve gelato cups from Fiasco Gelato

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These single serve cups will control your cravings (or you can have a few in one sitting- no one will know). With plenty of summery fresh flavours like raspberry lime, mango pineapple, strawberry rhubarb, and classics like bourbon vanilla bean, you’ll be packing these to-go cups for every picnic and summer stroll.

: 221 19 Street SE
Instagram: @fiascogelato

8. Unicorn cookie dough from Cookie Dough YYC

Since in the summer you’ll be baking in the heat, you should skip on baking the cookies. This edible cookie dough made with pasteurized eggs has a rich butter cookie base that is loaded with vibrant sprinkles and rainbow marshmallows.

Address: CrossIron Mills, First Floor, 261055 CrossIron Boulevard, Rocky View
Instagram: @cookiedoughyyc

9. Moreo rolled icecream from Scrollio

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You’ll see them rolling at their new storefront on 17 Ave SW. This Thai rolled style of ice cream is poured on an iced steel plate which is made to order, preservative free, and irresistibly creamy. Try their decked out Moreo flavour made with a chocolate flavour cream base mixed with crushed Oreos and also topped with mo’ Oreos and chocolate sauce.

Address: 1107 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @scrolliorolledicecream

10. Gelato taco from Burger 320 in Kensington

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Choose any two flavours of Zig Zag gelato that’s made in-house to fill the waffle ‘taco’ shell. Top it with sundae bar fixin’s like sprinkles and chocolate fudge drizzle. Note: This is only offered at their Kensington location!

Address: 126 10 Street NW
Instagram: @burger320

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