24 must-try desserts in Calgary

Oct 12 2016, 2:57 am

Calgary absolutely kills it when it comes to dessert. Our advice: Save room, or dessert first. You don’t want to miss a bite.

Here are the 24 essential must-try desserts to put on your Calgary food bucket list.

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Oatmeal Ice Cream Sandwich at The Coup

Calgary’s beloved destination for vegetarian eats is known for their killer ice cream sandwich. Two chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies press vanilla tofulatti ice cream for a sweet, indulgent, and vegan treat.

Address: 924 17th Avenue SW

Creme Brulee from Burnt to Order

Guess what’s back? Hanoi Cà Phé – Trung Nguyen coffee crème, sweetened condensed milk suspension. Photo by: @msmunz

A photo posted by Burnt to Order (@burnt_to_order) on

Spoons ready? You’re going to want to dive right into the hand-made creme brulees from Burnt to Order, which are, by the way, burnt to order, at their location at the Cross Roads Market. Look for delectable rotating and seasonal flavours, including pandan, Vietnamese coffee, s’mores, and pumpkin.

Address: 1235 26 Avenue SE
Instagram: @burnt_to_order

Macaron Cakes at Yann Haute Patisserie

What’s better than macarons? How about a cake made of macarons?! Calgary’s Yann Haute is known for their artful and delicious macaron cakes, which are available in various flavours that change with the season.

Address: 329 23 Avenue SW
Instagram: @yannhautepatisserie

Tortes at Edelweiss

You’ll have to plan in advance to satisfy this sweet craving, since the tortes at Edelweiss need to be ordered at least two days ahead. But they are definitely worth the wait; from authentic quark cheesecake (Haselnuss Kaesekuchen) to a sponge cake with raspberry mousse and cookie crust (Himbeer-Sahnetorte), this German bakery is turning out delectable whole cakes.

Address: 1921 – 20th Avenue NW

Warm Homemade Cookies at Charcut

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Found on the lunch menu at Charcut, this modern meat-centric roast house puts a sweet note at the end of your midday meal with their Warm Homemade Cookies, which come served in a brown paper bag.

Address: 101, 899 Centre Street SW
Instagram: @charcut

Flapper Pie at Blackfoot Truckstop

Flapper Pie is what the 24-hour Blackfoot Truckstop diner is known for; it’s a Canadian creation marrying custard and meringue topping.

Address: 1840 9th Avenue SE

Sundaes at Fiasco Gelato

Fiasco’s artisan gelatos and sorbettos are more than delicious on their own (as in right from the tub at home, or in a cup at their shop), but then they go and put them into sundaes, and we are in major over the top territory here. Named with a nod to Drake (i.e. “Hotlime Bling,”, Fiasco has a set of staple sundaes as well as seasonal specials.

Address: 221 19th Street SE
Instagram: @fiascogelato

Doughnuts at Jelly Modern Doughnuts

You can’t expect us to pick just one of the array of sugary goodness in the Jelly Modern Doughnuts roster! You’ll have to follow their menu grid online to see what days your favourite is available–from Lemon Curd to Maple Bacon to the “Doughnut of the Month”–and try them all.

Address: 3 Calgary locations
Instagram: @jellymodern

Lemon Cream Cake from Brûlée Patisserie

This local patisserie hopes you’ve saved room for dessert. The Lemon Cream Cake is divine.

Address: 722 11th Avenue SW (lower level)

Cupcakes from Crave

If it’s cupcakes you crave, there is no destination besides Crave to put on your list. Fresh baked from scratch daily, Crave’s selection of cupcakes are made in small batches using family recipes. Keep it simple with their Va Va Vanilla or Just Chocolate, or head in for their “craving of the month” flavour.

Address: 4 Calgary locations
Instagram: @cravecupcakes

Lime Square at Alforno Bakery

This bakery cafe from Calgary’s Teatro Group has made fast friends with visitors who are enjoying their sweet and savoury selections. But their Lime Square is what has so many guests shouting with glee, though we couldn’t fault you for falling in love with their macaron or Opera cake.

Address: 222 7th Street SW
Instagram: @alfornobakery

Marshmallow Mermaid Pie at Pie Cloud

There’s a reason why this concoction resides on the section of Pie Cloud’s menu they call “sublime.”

Address: 314 D 10th Street NW
Instagram: @pie_cloud

January 13, 2017 – Editor’s note: Pie Cloud announced on January 10 that they have permanently closed. More details here.

Crepes at Suzette Bistro

No one will judge you if you order up any of the sweet crepes at Suzette Bistro as your meal. From their namesake Crepes Suzette to the chocolatey goodness of the Nutella crepes, you’ll flip for these sweet treats.

Address: 2210 4th Street SW

Stilton Cheesecake at NOtaBLE

Unquestionably, the signature dessert from NOtaBLE is noteworthy, to say the least. Balancing sweet with savoury, their Stilton Cheesecake is a conversation starter–just don’t talk with your mouth full!

Address: 4611 Bowness Road NW
Instagram: @notablecalgary

Coconut Cake at Decadent Desserts

Once named one of the best cakes in Calgary, the coconut cake from Decadent was discovered by accident by its creator. But once the combination of fluffy vanilla cake, pastry cream, and cream cheese icing with coconut was found, there was no going back. If you’re in the area of this gem you should go, like right now.

Address: 722 11th Avenue SW
Instagram: @ddcbakery

Blink desserts

Blink desserts have a reputation for exceeding expectations of Calgarians with a sweet tooth. Working with seasonal ingredients and flavours, the Blink team is constantly crafting new and wonderful creations. Some hits from previous months have been the brûléed peanut butter tart, Valrhona chocolate tart, and the honey panna cotta with cucumber and gin sorbet.

Address: 111 8th Avenue SW
Instagram: @blinkrestaurant 

Ice Cream Bars at Made By Marcus

Made By Marcus ice cream never disappoints when you eat it from the pint, so putting the quality ice cream on a stick for a to-go version was bound to be a hit for fans of this maker – AKA the entire city.

Address: 1013 17th Avenue SW
Instagram: @madebymarcus

Homemade Oreos at Rosso Coffee

You think you’ve OREO’s, and then you stumble across Rosso’s homemade OREO and it completely blows your mind. Considering it’s the size of 4-5 regular OREO’s in one – we’ll take the Rosso cookie with our locally-sourced slow drip coffee any day.

Address: 7 Calgary locations
Instagram: @rossocoffeeroasters

Macarons at Ollia

Ollia is a name that’s synonymous with quality macarons in Calgary. These delicate little creations come in innovative, seasonal flavours and they never fail to keep locals coming back to the little french macaron shop just off 17th Avenue.

Address: 810C 16th Avenue SW
Instagram: @byollia

Simple Simon Pies

While Simple Simons kills the pie game on the savoury side of things, nothing can compare to a delicious dessert pie from this popular pie producer. We recommend classics like raspberry or blueberry, and you can buy them in full or in an individual serving size.

Address: Simons can be found at most large markets in Calgary, details here.
Instagram: @simplesimonpies

Bonbons at MARKET

As delicious as they are beautiful – MARKET chocolates are kind of a big deal in the Calgary dessert scene. These little morsels take a ton of time and precision to make, and just as much thought is put into the innovative flavours that are inside. You can grab a box of these at the Calgary Farmers’ Market and bring them home to share if you’re feeling generous.

Address: 718 17th Avenue SW
Instagram: @marketcalgary

Chocolate and Raspberry Prestige from Eclaire de Lune

Authentic French pastry at its finest, Eclaire de Lune knows how to serve delicious treats that also look the part. Sitting on a gold platter, the prestiges look like they are ready to be eaten by royalty, which is perfect for us.

Address: 1049 40th Avenue NW
FacebookEclaire de Lune

Milkshakes from REGRUB

A photo posted by RE:GRUB (@regrub_love) on

Clearly REGRUB believes you can never have too much sugar in one sitting – and we totally agree. The milkshakes from this place are out of control in the best way possible. Don’t wear white and come with an empty stomach, especially if you’re ordering Dr. Peanut here.

Address: 625 11th Avenue SW
Instagram: @regrub_love

Buttermilk Waffles

Buttermilk is the place to be for all things waffles. This place does waffles right every time, and they are always keeping our favourite morning pastry interesting with new toppings and flavours.

Address: 330 17th Avenue SW
Instagram: @buttermilkyyc

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