5 best places for shawarma in Calgary

Feb 25 2017, 12:59 am

By Milena Petrovic

Greece gave us the gyro, Brazil gave us churrasco-style skewers and the Middle East has given us the luxury of grab and go shawarma. The greatness of hand stacked, slow cooked marinated meat roasted on a spit takes hours to make but devouring it takes only seconds.

Whether you like shawarma piled high on a platter, served on fattoush salad or enveloped in a toasted pita, any way you have it, you won’t need too much time to eat it.

Here are the best places to go to for shawarma in Calgary.


First on the list (and purposefully so) is Jerusalem offering flavourful beef and chicken shawarma as part of a platter or served on a pita. If you’re at a crossroads of which meat to get, the mixed meat option awaits. Whatever way you wish to have it, make sure to order up a side of their roasted garlic potatoes and avoid speaking with anyone closely, or push everyone to order them up also.

Address: 3 locations; check website for details
Instagram: @jerusalem_shawarma_


The chicken and beef shawarma is packed with layers of a mouth-watering medley of mild seasonings. Both their pita and platter options require extra work from your biceps to get through the mountain of meat but assistance won’t be required.

Address: 1610 10 St SW


If you visit Mazaj you must try their shawarma wraps that are toasted by the crispy pita Gods. Choose from chicken, beef or mixed marinated meat served in a thin (but definitely not dainty) pita that is thoughtfully flattened when toasted to let you appreciate the slow cooked flavours of the meat and not make a mess out of yourself.

Address: 230 7 Avenue SW

Tazza Grill and Deli

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Served on a fresh baked pita, their seasoned beef shawarma will melt in your mouth. If you’re up for trying something different, order up their beef shawarma fatayer—a hand made pastry meat pie filled with red and green pepper, plenty of spices along with their tender beef.

Address: 1105 1 Avenue NE

Shawarma King

With savoury seasoned shaved chicken and beef options, Shawarma King will bless your appetite with a hefty pita wrap packed with pickled turnips, fresh vegetables that are drizzled in your choice of tahini, hot or sweet sauce. It’ll fill your stomach and satisfy the soul.

Address: 1423 Kensington Road NW

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