6 Calgary eats that will completely crush your hangover

Oct 14 2017, 4:22 am

This piece was written for Daily Hive by Sophie Hart.

So you’ve consumed one too many tequila shots at National and now it’s the morning after.

That sickly and unpleasant feeling has just settled in and like the perfect cocktail, it’s mixing nicely with your self pity and regret.

For those suffering in hangover hell, we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up six of the best tried-and-tested hangover cures in Calgary to make you feel human again.

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Chicken and waffles from The Beltliner

A classic dish that’s the right amount of both savoury and sweet, not to mention it’ll save you from your hangover. The Beltliner’s friendly service and plush seating will make you feel comfortable and cared for when you’re feeling your worst.

Address: 243 12th Avenue SW
Instagram: @thebeltliner

Dude Ranch burger from Regrub

Regrub is perfect for those in search of comforting and hangover-curing burgers. Their Dude Ranch burger might just be the greasiest and most amazing of all. Made up of 6 oz Alberta grass-fed beef, thick cut bacon, a sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and creamy ranch sauce, this burger will get the job done and get you back on track.

Address: 625 11 Avenue SW
Instagram: @regrub_love

Caesar Stack from Cleaver

Curing a hangover with more alcohol is the oldest trick in the booze-recovery book (and it’s definitely the most effective…at least temporarily). You’ll feel good as new for a while once you order Cleaver’s Caesar Cocktail. This spot’s caesars are practically meals in themselves, as they are topped with a beef slider, deep-fried chicken, and a corndog.

Address: 102 – 527 17 Avenue SW
Instagram: @cleavercalgary

Mac, Three Cheese, and Bacon from Hayden Block

Take refuge in this dark and cozy meat house and dive into the mac, three cheese, and bacon dish. Having likely spent all your money on tequila last night, Hayden Block’s huge portion of mac ‘n’ cheese is fairly priced at just $14.

Address: 1136 Kensington Road NW
Instagram: @haydenblockyyc

DD Pancakes from Diner Deluxe

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Homestyle comfort food is Diner Deluxe’s speciality and their DD Pancakes are no exception. This dish, made up of three wholewheat and quinoa buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup, is exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Take it to the next level by adding your choice of blueberries, banana, chocolate chips, or strawberries on top.

Address: 804 Edmonton Trail NE
Instagram: @diner_deluxe

Morning After Breakfast from Monki Bistro

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The guys at Monki Bistro have dedicated a spot on their menu to all the hungover Calgarians that roll in. Rightfully named the Morning After Breakfast, this special dish features everything you need to stop feeling like death and kickstart your day – two eggs, hash browns, and your choice of sausage or bacon with toast.

Address: 1301 10 Ave SW
Instagram: @monkibistro

Sophie Hart is a creator of all things content. As an Aussie expat who now calls Calgary home, she can be seen wearing sweaters year-round because she considers anything below 20 degrees freezing. She’s also an expert in snacking, napping, and coffee-drinking. 

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