8 best places to get an epic hangover brunch in Calgary

Dec 23 2019, 8:48 pm

While some claim that there is no right cure for a nasty hangover, we’ve got to disagree. Nothing scares a hangover away better than a hearty brunch, to soothe your dastardly headache and stomach pains.

Whether you need a huge serving of carbs and grease-laden foods, some hair of the dog, or a detoxing cold-pressed juice or kombucha, there are plenty of restaurants around the Calgary area that offer a remedy for that hangover.

We’ve compiled a list of our top favourite hangover brunch spots in Calgary, so you can rest easy the next time you have a big night out on the town.

The Beltliner


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If you’re lucky enough to be dining at The Beltliner on the weekend, then you can get in on this spot’s popular weekend Caesar bar, which is definitely one of our favourite ways to stop a terrible hangover dead in its tracks.

Address: 243 12 Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-955-1555


OEB Breakfast Co.

OEB Breakfast Co

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OEB may be steadily expanding out West, but this home-grown breakfast joint is still one of YYC’s favourite places to head for brunch…if you can stand to wait in the line!

Address: 825 1 Avenue NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-278-3447

Address: 222 5 Avenue SW #110, Calgary
Phone: 587-352-3447

Address: 2207 4 Street SW #110, Calgary
Phone: 587-356-6323


Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House

Best pho Calgary 2019


Really, any pho spot will do the trick if it’s the dish you’re craving after a night out. Pho Thanh is one of our favourites. A cozy spot to stop into and grab a quality bowl of soup, this spot has been a local favourite for a while.

Address: 6630 4 Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-295-0563



Monki now has two locations in town where you can head to enjoy its over-the-top mid-morning fare, such as its signature breakfast burger or banana cream cheese-stuffed French toast.

Address: 1301 10 Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-352-7131

Address: 1420 – 9 Avenue SE #4, Calgary

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The Belmont Diner


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Marda Loop’s favourite cheap and cheerful diner is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a solid breakfast or brunch spot. Be sure to get The Belmont’s signature character pancakes to make your visit extra jolly.

Address: 2008 33 Avenue SW #19, Calgary
Phone: 403-242-6782


Blackfoot Truckstop Diner


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One of YYC’s most beloved local joints, the Blackfoot Truckstop dinner is open 24/7, which means you have ample opportunity to try their basic brekkie or their “world-famous” Flapper Pie (which also is a great morning meal, if you ask us).

Address: 1840 9 Avenue SE, Calgary,
Phone: 403-265-5964


Chix Eggshop


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This “Fast-Fine Diner” is open daily from 7 am to 3 pm. It serves up a menu of eats like a Falafel Scramble, a “Miss Piggy” egg and crispy bacon breakfast sandwich, and nacho cheese fries as a side.

Address: 635 Confluence Way SE

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Diner Deluxe


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If this spot doesn’t cure your hangover, we don’t know what will. The Chicken & Waffles Stack from Diner Deluxe is just one of many items off the menu that will surely have you feeling top-notch in no time.

Address: 804 Edmonton Trail, Calgary
Phone: 403-276-5499

Address: 106 Mahogany Centre SE, Calgary
Phone: 587-482-9979

Address: 350 Aspen Glen Landing SW #104, Calgary
Phone: 403-457-3000


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