Best cinnamon buns in Calgary you need to try

Mar 2 2021, 7:23 pm

Nothing beats the swirly goodness of a sweet and sticky cinnamon bun, especially when they are fresh and housemade.

These glorious buns can either be frosted with cream cheese or drizzled with caramel sauce and pecans.

Buns like these also happen to be an acceptable breakfast, snack,¬†or cheat day meal ‚Äď so go treat yourself to an¬†ooey-gooey delight.

Here’s where to find the best cinnamon buns in Calgary.

Lina’s Italian Market

The cinnamon buns at Lina’s Italian Market are to die for. They are perfectly moist and packed with flavour. The buns have just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon so there’s no overwhelming sweetness or spice. You can also grab the ones with pecans to balance the flavours even more.

Address: 2202 Centre Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-277-9166

Address: #100, 4916 130th Avenue SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-523-7713

Address: 5108 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-454-8323

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Prairie Mill Bread Company

Prairie Mill Bread serves huge cinnamon buns. Seriously. They are big enough to split for two. Their cinnamon buns are organic and are completely made from wheat flour. You can buy them individually packaged for just $4. Place your order online here.

Address: 4820 Northland Drive NW #129, Calgary
Phone: 403-282-6455




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If you’re looking for vegan cinnamon rolls, you have to try Canela. They offer the classic roll made with all vegan ingredients, served with vegan cream cheese frosting. However, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, we’d recommend their other cinnamon roll flavours like the chai roll or the caramel latte roll.

Address: The Vintage Red House, 4806 1 Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-460-1226

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Cobs Bread


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Cobs Bread is a trusted bakery brand by many. They bake all their pastries every day, so you can expect to get a freshly made and baked treat whenever you stop in. That includes their cinnamon bun, which has been branded a “family favourite” at the store and on their website because of its popularity. They offer individual ones as well as minis that come in a pack of six.

Address: 407 10 Street NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-455-8468

Address: 70 Shawville Boulevard SE #122, Calgary
Phone: 587-353-6517

Address: 500 Country Hills Boulevard NE #521, Calgary
Phone: 403-226-5555

Address: 150 Crowfoot Crescent NW #107, Calgary
Phone: 403-239-2666

Address: 10816 Macleod Trail SE #308, Calgary
Phone: 403-278-6988

Address: 5155 130 Avenue SE #309, Calgary
Phone: 403-460-4800

Address: 236 Stewart Green SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-217-1553

Address: 3433 22 Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 587-349-2785

Address: Glenmore Landing, 1600 90 Avenue SW a110, Calgary
Phone: 587-352-4988

Address: 65 Sage Hill Plaza NW #124, Calgary
Phone: 587-755-7272

Address: 835 17 Avenue SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-244-5528

Address: 366 Aspen Glen Landing SW Unit 106, Calgary
Phone: 403-686-7407

Address: 7 Mahogany Plaza SE #1350, Calgary
Phone: 403-726-9909

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Sidewalk Citizen

Over at Sidewalk Citizen, they call their cinnamon buns “sticky bread,” and oh boy, is it ever as delicious. Their cinnamon roll is reminiscent of a sticky toffee pudding. The cinnamon spice is also not as strong as some of the ones on this list, so if you want a sweet bun with a hint cinnamon flavour, Sidewalk Citizen is the right bakery for you.

Address: 618 Confluence Way SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-457-2245

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Yum Bakery

Yum Bakery in Calgary offers affordable, sweet and ooey gooey cinnamon buns. An individual cinnamon bun will cost you three dollars and fifty cents. You could also get it topped with cream cheese icing for an additional dollar. It’s definitely a bun set to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: 1006 17th Avenue SW, Calgary AB
Phone: 403-455-6164

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If you’re looking for a shop that guarantees to serve you warm, ooey gooey deliciousness each and every single time, then go to Cinnzeo. Their menu consists of the classic cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing, pecan rolls, which is a classic cinnamon roll with an artisanal twist, and a specialty roll, which is a cinnamon bun topped with delicious fruit filling and more!

Address: 100 Anderson Road SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-271-2005

Address: 2525 36 Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-614-7592

Address: 6455 Macleod Trail SW Unit F1, Calgary
Phone: 403-537-6030

Address: Market Mall, 3625 Shaganappi Trail NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-247-9004

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Alforno Bakery & Cafe


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Alforno Bakery & Cafe is also a place that handcrafts each and every cinnamon bun every day. They are soft, sweet and spiced just right, topped with their delicious cream cheese icing. If you want the freshest batch possible, come in the morning.

Address: 222 7 Street SW, Calgary
Phone: 403-454-0308

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