Geek out Beakerhead-style for Pi Day with (what else?) pie

Mar 9 2017, 6:46 am

Nerd alert! Beakerhead is making math seriously delicious.

The annual city-wide science-themed party people at Beakerhead are going to celebrate Pi Day, aka March 14, with a fun event featuring…you guessed it…PIE!

Pi Day, of course, falls on March 14 (3/14) thanks to pi being equivalent to 3.14. (True pi lovers will know there are a few more numerals beyond the decimal point than what the rest of us plebes care to work with.)

Hit up one of the two event nights to enjoy six mini pies from Crave Cookies and Cupcakes, topped with the π symbol and party down with some real-life mathematicians who will be presenting guests with fun genius challenges.

Tickets go for $70 and include the mini pies, expert baking guidance from Crave bakers, elbow-rubbing with fellow geeks, and delicious pie recipes.

Plus, as a tasty do-good, feel-good bonus, all Crave locations will be selling specialty $5 mini pies on March 13 and 14, and $1 from each pie will be donated to Beakerhead’s educational initiatives, which aim to give everyone a chance to discover their creative capabilities at the crossroads of art, science, and engineering.

Beakerhead’s Pi Day Parties… With Pie!

When:  Thursday, March 9 and Thursday, March 14 from 6 to 9 pm
Where: Crave Cookies and Cupcakes – 1107 Kensington Road NW
Tickets: $70; Register online

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