6 Calgary restaurants where you must order dessert

Feb 25 2017, 12:59 am

By Milena Petrovic

It is an essential part of a complete meal and undoubtedly there is room for it. Dessert soothes the soul, sweetens your heart and fills you with energy like passionately dancing to a feel-good song as if no one is watching. Most times, it’s better than the main course.

Here are six YYC restaurants where you must order dessert—even better, just start with it.

Metropolitan Grill

When campfire meets café you get dangerously scrumptious s’more mini doughnuts. Served in a row, these fluffy glazed mini doughnuts are topped with crumbled graham cracker, drizzled in chocolate and crowned with a toasted gooey marshmallow. Note: The restaurant is under renovation and will re-open in April 2017.

Address: 150-317 7 Avenue SW
Instagram: @metgrill


Unlike the time needed to conquer Toblerone’s honey, almond nougat Swiss chocolate bar, you need no time to demolish Cleaver’s Toblerone twisted cheesecake. This baked cheesecake holds up a mountain of meringue kisses, signature Toblerone triangular chocolate pieces, crunchy nougat, and pretzels leaking with caramel and chocolate sauce.

Address: 524 17 Avenue SW #102
Instagram: @cleavercalgary

Pig & Duke

Any dessert served up in a skillet can be trusted wholeheartedly. The cinnamon bun skillet holds freshly baked cinnamon rolls oozing with vanilla cream cheese icing and topped with blueberry bourbon jam. Sharing not recommended.

Address: 503 4 Avenue SW
Instagram: @piganddukedowntown


NOtaBLE serves up homemade buttermilk doughnut holes with a side of St. Leon Québec maple crème brûlée. You will not be judged if you choose to dip the sugar coated doughnut into the creamy maple crème brûlée. Feeling for something chocolaty? Try the warm chocolate pudding with salted caramel ice cream. For the fruit lovers, you can dive into roast Okanagan apple and butterscotch sticky cake topped with brown butter ice cream or the Stilton cheesecake dripping in brûléed rhubarb compote.

Address: 4611 Bowness Road NW
Instagram: @notablecalgary

Brasserie Kensington

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Indulge in the dark chocolate and coconut bread pudding topped with almond and coconut tea ice cream and garnished in the delicately decadent chocolate tuille. Always pairs well with wine.

Address: 1131 Kensington Road NW
Instagram: @the_brasskens

Native Tongues

Native Tongues has pulled on heart strings with their tacos and tequila and their desserts also don’t disappoint. Whether you have their freshly baked doughnuts (a.k.a donas) or the rich flan Mexicana (Spanish flan made with caramel, coconut, almond, plantain), you’ll walk out on a sweet high note.

Address: 235 12 Avenue SW
Instagram: @nativetonguesyyc 

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