Awesome Alberta: Moraine Lake is the picture-perfect summer spot

Apr 24 2018, 4:19 pm

Attention Instagram hikers, this bright blue lake may be something you want to snap a shot of this summer.

Moraine lake offers a breathtaking view, with its turquoise water surrounded by towering, snow-covered mountain peaks. The best time to visit the magnificent lake is between the months of late-June and August, when the glaciers have melted.

Rock flour, a sediment caused by glacial erosion, refracts the light of the sun, which is what gives the lake its jaw-droppingly vibrant colour.

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Where is it?

Moraine Lake is found south of Lake Louise and north-west of Calgary, right near the BC-Alberta border. The body of water sits at an elevation of 1,883 metres above sea level.

How do you get there?

The drive From Calgary to the lake is around two-and-a-half hours long. You can jump on the Trans Canada Highway, turn left on to the scenic Bow Valley Parkway, and then merge onto Lake Louise drive, eventually making a left on Moraine Lake drive.

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What’s there?

Once you arrive, you can spend your day walking through trails and hiking around the lake. Take a dip in the glacial waters or grab a kayak and a paddle. There’s a park ground for campers wanting to prolong their experience — and, if you don’t enjoy sleeping in a tent or an RV, you won’t need to worry, as there’s a lodge near the water just for you.

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