Almost all Alberta regions saw active cases drop over past 24 hours

Dec 17 2020, 11:45 pm

Active cases of COVID-19 in Alberta are now below 20,000 for the first time in a week.

Cases of  infections have been rising, and Alberta’s coronavirus curve along with it, since the start of October, but following stricter public health measures put into place at the end of November, cases have actually begun to decrease.

New numbers from the Province of Alberta show that Wednesday, December 16’s total number of active COVID-19 cases in the province landed at 19,865 — 314 lower than the count had been at on December 15.

This is largely due to the number of recoveries seen over the past 24 hours outpaced the number of new cases detected, but it was also bolstered by the six additional deaths related to COVID-19 that day, which also reduces the number of active cases.

Breaking it down by region found that Edmonton dropped from 9,715 to 9,525 active cases between December 15 and 16, a difference of 190, While Calgary decreased by 79 from 7,122 to 7,043.

Both the North Zone and the South Zone saw modest decreases as well of 31 for the former and 12 for the latter.

The only region of the province that didn’t see any sort of active case decrease was the Central Zone, which gained four active cases over that same time period, jumping from 1,458 to 1,462.

Still, the overall decrease for the province marks the third day in a row that active cases have dropped after having reached what may have been Alberta’s second peak in its curve on December 13 at 21,146 cases.

It still remains to be seen if that number will mark the worst day of the entire pandemic for Alberta.

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