Cost of living in these Alberta cities is lowest among major Canada, US cities

Jun 22 2022, 4:41 pm

Alberta’s two major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, have the lowest cost of living in Canada and the US, according to a new study.

Conducted by insurance provider PolicyAdvisor, the study found things aren’t stellar for many cities across Canada. In fact, four of the five least affordable cities on the list were in Canada.

The study compared the average cost of eight common expenses, including one month’s rent, a bottle of water, and a meal out, in the most populous cities in Canada and the US.

To determine which cities are most, and least, affordable, the combined cost of the items was calculated as a percentage of the average monthly salary. The data is in US dollars.

The picture wasn’t completely rosey for some things in Edmonton, with the city’s $3.96 cappuccino being the priciest, as was its $1.80 bottle of water.

The $62.76 needed for a monthly gym membership in Calgary was the most expensive in the country. The city tied with Vancouver for the most expensive cinema seat: $12.30.

The most expensive cities in Canada and the US-based on the cost of living:

1. New York City (57.6% of monthly income spent on cost of living)

2. Mississauga (56.4%)

3. Vancouver (50%)

4. Hamilton (47%)

5. Toronto (46.7%)

6. Los Angeles (46.6%)

7. San Diego (45.7%)

8. Chicago (44.6%)

9. Ottawa (44%)

10. Montreal (43.5%)

11. Winnipeg (40.8%)

12. Philadelphia (40.6%)

13. Phoenix (39.5%)

14. San Jose (32.9%)

15. Brampton (30.9%)

16. Dallas (30.7%

17. San Antonio (29.9%)

18. Houston (29.8%)

19. Edmonton (29.6%)

20. Calgary (29.3%)

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