"Do I get a refund?": Albertans react to removal of Graduated Driver Licensing fee

Sep 27 2022, 7:25 pm

The Alberta government’s announcement of the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) fee being waived next year has sparked a reaction from many Albertans.

Alberta announced on Tuesday that starting in the spring, drivers will automatically qualify for their full Class 5 or Class 6 driver’s licence.

That will remove the need to do a second road test and will save $150 in the process.

News of the removal spurred many to applaud the move, with people commenting on Daily Hive Edmonton and Daily Hive Calgary‘s posts that they have had their GDL for years.

“It’s about time!! Nothing but a money grab”, wrote Kathy Kirby.

“Cool, do I get a refund for getting my full licence?” wrote Randall Deynaka.

“Screw the entire GDL program. Should be one learner’s test, and one drivers test a month later. None of this “ya gotta wait for a year first” bs,” stated Jesse Whitnack.

“THANK GOD, I’ve had my GDL for over 10 years…” added Savannah Hendry.

The province says about 700,000 GDL drivers currently qualify to take their advanced road test. About 500,000 drivers will be eligible to automatically exit out of the GDL program.

Over the past five years, about 65% of drivers did not take their advanced road test and 99% of motorcycle riders did not take the test.

“Many Albertans have told us that the advanced test costs too much, is a roadblock to finding jobs, and has created unnecessary red tape,” said Prasad Panda, minister of transportation.

“That’s why we are eliminating the advanced road test for (Class 5) passenger vehicles and (Class 6) motorcycles as well as the additional Class 4 road test while maintaining strong safety standards for drivers.”

GDL drivers must have no suspensions or traffic violations within their last 12 months of probation, including zero tolerance for any alcohol and/or drug consumption.

Drivers who exhibit poor driving behaviours and incur demerits, or who are ticketed for other unsafe driving offences during the last year of their probation, will have their probationary period extended for an additional year.

Drivers will also be allowed to reduce their probationary period by up to six months if they complete an approved driver training course.

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