Alberta bill will ban ticket bots, improve buyer protections

Nov 30 2017, 4:40 pm

Albertans will be getting a fair shake in securing a spot at the next big show.

The proposed Bill 31, or the Better Deal for Consumers and Businesses Act, will ban ticket bot software from purchasing tickets in bulk for scalpers to then sell at a marked-up price.

It would also require re-sellers to give full refunds when tickets are found to be counterfeit, cancelled, or bought by a ticket bot.

“We believe fans deserve a fair shot at tickets to see their favourite artists,” Minister of Service Alberta, Stephanie McLean, said in a release from the Government of Alberta.

“They deserve to feel confident that when they buy a ticket, they are not getting gouged or scammed.”

Along with the improvements for ticket buyers, the bill also contains rules for the buying and selling of cars, with sellers being required to provide details of the vehicle’s history, use a standard bill of sale, and provide warranty protections for repairs.

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Pet-owners will see improvement in how their pets are taken care of, with veterinary services being required to disclose fee amounts and obtain customer approval before moving forward with any services.

If passed, the bill would also provide legal protections against lawsuits for consumers who post negative reviews of products, and expand their right to sue if they have suffered losses.

Further changes would impact high-cost credit by defining it as 32% and above, as well as improve oversight of the auto industry.

The government will be setting up a consumer protection office in 2018, which will host a call centre and designated public education, investigations, and regulation administration services.

This office hopes to improve consumer protections throough proactive actions and “preventative measures in addressing consumer trends,” according to the release.

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