25 locally-made gifts that are perfect for every Calgarian on your list

Dec 2 2018, 8:59 pm

‘Tis the season of giving — and the hectic holiday stress that comes along with it!

Between the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find that perfect gift — the one that’s meaningful and significant — for absolutely everyone on your list. That’s why this year we say ditch the generic gifts and spend some time looking in the nooks and crannies of YYC for those unique, one-of-a-kind gems made by talented creators right here in our city.

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Shopping local is a movement that has hit YYC hard, and we are completely onboard. The small businesses that are run by makers and artists produce goods that are high quality, creative, and most definitely made with love.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a gift guide consisting of 25 products made here in Alberta to provide some inspiration and get you checking off that list faster than Santa Claus himself!

A Stationary Subscription from Little May Papery


A Little Paper Club (Little May Paperie)

The perfect gift for the stationery lover in your life (because we all know at least one). Choose between 3, 6, and 12 months subscription to “A Little Paper Club” on behalf of this person, and they’ll receive a pack of beautifully illustrated cards each month. It will likely be their dream-come-true to have a unique card on hand for any occasion. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

A Crackling Candle from Fired Up Naturals


Hey Beautiful Candle (Fired Up Naturals)

Not only do these candles smell fantastic, but they’re created with 100% soy wax and quality wooden wicks, and scented with phthalate-free fine fragrance oils, so you can burn these candles guilt-free. From “Hey Beautiful” to “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” there are a variety of fragrances for you to choose from that will make the perfect stocking stuffers this year.

A pair of Maple Socks from Friday Sock Co


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Purposely mismatched and made from the coziest Egyptian Combed Cotton, these Maple Syrup + pancake themed socks will surely be the popular item at your next gift exchange. Yes, they actually come in a Maple Syrup can!

Holiday Inspired Banners from Rachel Lyon Design Co.


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If you know someone who’s design-obsessed, you’ve stumbled upon a goldmine! These minimal holiday banners come in three colour varieties and are the perfect addition to any Christmas decor. You might have a “one for you, one for me moment” when trying to pick out the right saying for that special someone!

Pine Tree Scented Candle from Matchstick Wax


Among All The Trees Scented Candle (Matchstick Wax)

Bring the fresh aroma of the Rock Mountain alpines into your home! With delicate citrus notes blended with the scent of fir balsam needles, this cozy blend will have you transported into a crisp forest every time it’s lit.

Vanilla Chai Coconut Milk Bath from Lamb’s Soapworks


Vanilla Chai Coconut Milk Bath (Lambs Soapworks)

Give the gift of relaxation and self-care. Made with natural coconut milk, soothing vanilla, ground ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, this warm cozy bath soak is meant to soothe your mind and body, all while helping you maintain healthy skin and invigorate your senses.

2019 Planners from Wrinkle and Crease


2019 Day Planner (Wrinkle and Crease)

The 2019 Planner is the perfect gift for those who get a wave of excitement when it comes to planning and organizing. Minimally designed with a beautiful red or black linen hardcover, embossed with gold foil, and luxury gilded edges, this planner will provide the space to set up their year for success, write down their goals, and reflect on previous resolutions. It also has space for daily checklists, schedules, budgets, and more. An organizers dream-come-true!

Wooden Letterboards from Words and Co


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Each letterboard is unique with its own wood grain pattern and will look fantastic in any room. Get creative and write your special someone a cleaver and personalized note for them to open up on Christmas morning.

Hand-Carved Goods from Tracy Fine Products


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For the eclectic soul in your life! These beautiful wooden tools are the perfect addition to any well-styled home.

A Cozy Crewneck from The Happiest Collection


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When are you happiest? In the mountains? Drinking wine? Travelling? There’s a sweater for that! They’re 100% made in Canada, there’s no better crewneck to cuddle up in as you breathe in a moment and take in how happy you are doing exactly what you love.

Essential Oil Pendants by Whirl Class Glass


Oil Pendant (Whirl Class Glass)

Allow your friends to bring their favourite scent with them and feel the wellness effects of constant aromatherapy! Handmade in Calgary and made to simulate how a beehive works, these individual glass pendants are made to hold two to three drops of oil for multiple weeks at a time.

Lipbalm from XXBalm


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Pucker up! We live in one of the driest climates on the globe, so we will take all the moisture we can get. Made with all natural ingredients and unique nourishing scents, these ultra-moisturizing lip balms are the perfect stocking stuffer for both your male and female friends. It’s also the perfect undercoat for ruby red lips — dry lips and lipstick are a no go this season.

The Planning Essentials by Stevie and Bean


The Planning Essentials (Stevie and Bean)

Know someone who could use a little organization in their life? The Planning Essentials is the perfect starter pack to get creating lists, checking boxes, and making big plans!

Turtle Mini Cakes from Ollia Macarons and Tea


Turtle Mini Cakes (Ollia Macaron and Tea)

If your friends and families have a major sweet tooth, we highly recommend surprising them with one of these Turtle Mini Cakes. Pair this with a bag of tea or a box of their holiday flavoured macarons and you’ll surely be the favourite during this year’s exchange.

Beard Oil from Jennifer Joan Skin Care


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Pamper the man in your life and give him a product that will encourage him to grow his beard past the ‘ol five-o’clock-shadow. Choose from a variety of rustic and natural scents that will not only keep his beard and skin conditioned, hydrated, and well-groomed, but have him smelling delightful at all times.

Soap Bars from ANTO YUKON


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You know when a certain scent brings you back to a specific moment in time? That’s what this all-natural soap is aimed at achieving. Lather and scrub as you enjoy smelling the fragrance of some of Canada’s most iconic landscapes. This is the best way of reminding the person receiving this gift of a special moment the two of you once shared. The best part? The spectacular, eye-catching packaging of each bar is a work of art, created and painted by local artist, Megan Heldbrand.

A Mug from AS Ceramics


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Even though our cupboards may differ, it’s always refreshing to receive a beautiful, brand-new mug to begin your day with. Paired with a bag of Calgary Heritage Roasting Co beans and you’ll make the caffeine fiend a very happy (and jumpy) camper this Christmas.

Prints from Akamina Studio


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Help your friend find the perfect piece to complete their gallery wall and show off their lust for adventure.

Statement Pieces from Ashley Nadalin Designs


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Fashion is meant to be personal, so if you know someone who likes to make a statement they’ll likely be interested in these pieces. Working primarily with wood, Ashley creates unique accessories that are meant to be bold and stand out when worn with any outfit.

Honey from Drizzle Honey


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This gift doesn’t get any sweeter!

Nudie Prints by Jill Paddock Art


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Give someone a gift that can adorn their walls and last forever. These sweet nudie prints come in all shapes and sizes, and are a minimalistic option for any space in your home.

Perfume from Libertine Fragrance


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Give your lady an original scent that you won’t find in any regular beauty departments. These creatively manufactured scents are made by hand and meant to be the perfect aroma for any occasion.

Leather Goods from Little Lion Man Leather


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Find a one-of-a-kind leather gem that’s hand-stitched with love. The quality will be impeccable and it will last for years to come.

A Toque from Local Laundry


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Not everyone is made to wear hats, but these toques are extremely flattering and oh-so-cozy on those freezing YYC winter days. Plus, for every toque that’s sold, Local Laundry will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada. It’s is the warmest gift that continues to give.

Necklace from Jennea Frischke Jewelry


Heart necklace (Jennea Frischke Jewelry)

Great for a best friend, sister, mom, grandma, or leading lady. Regardless of whom, this beautiful, delicately-made heart necklace will show that person in your life just how much you care.

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