20 things you'll (probably) only know if you grew up in Calgary

May 14 2020, 2:00 pm

There’s just a certain kind of pride that comes with being a born and bred Calgarian.

You have a sixth sense for people who aren’t from these parts, and there are specific ins-and-outs you only know if you hail from here.

The quickest way to test whether or not an individual is from Calgary, is in the way they say the city’s name. If you’ve been here for a long time (like, your entire life) you’ll likely pronounce it “Cal-gree”, not “Cal-gary” — but the real test is in the knowledge you likely picked up along the way.

Here’s a list of 20 things you’ll (probably) only know if you grew up in Calgary:

You know there are only two seasons in Calgary: Winter and Construction.

The battle of Alberta is all too real. The north will never win, and you ensure that Edmonton damn well knows it.

neal lucic

Calgary Flames / Edmonton Oilers

You know that Peters’ Drive-In is a national treasure.

We all loved Sikome Lake and going there every summer – until they drained it one year and found the dead horse at the bottom…

It is of utmost importance to leave room for a snow-suit underneath your Halloween costume.

Floating down the Bow is an annual summer tradition.

Image: dallasbraydenfroese / Instagram

You’ve lost about three full days of your life (at least) trying to find a place to park in the Chinook Centre parking lot.

Driving to “The Rock” in Okotoks was a day excursion enjoyed by all.

You know to avoid Deerfoot Trail at all costs.

Some places have cobbled stone roads, we have rock-littered “beaches.”

There’s a 99% chance you took all your high school graduation photos at the Wonderland sculpture, Scotsman’s Hill, or, for the younger crowd, Peace Bridge.


Calgary Peace Bridge (therealtinay/Instagram)

On a drunken night out, you have a hunger only a visit to Crackmacs (now, unfortunately, known as Circle K) can sate.

You went to absolute town and fully took advantage of Draft Night at Cowboys, resulting in the loss of a substantial amount of dignity and memory.

A Caesar is potentially the best drink ever invented and you’re proud to say that it was invented right here at what is now the Westin Hotel in Calgary.

You’re never surprised when your favorite musician skips out on Calgary, but it still breaks your heart every time. Stupid Saddledome.


Scotiabank Saddledome (cgrossi/Instagram)

You’ve been to Calaway Park countless times to ride the rollercoaster – the log ride still beats it every time, though.

If someone mentions “The Cows”, you know they’re referring to the whacky art installation from 2000, and not literal cows.

You’ve, at one point, spent at least three hours trapped in traffic in the Crowchild Trail overpass and have seen it undergo construction at least eleven different times.

The best pretend lake is the reservoir.

– Special thanks to B. Emery and T.Wells for helping create this list.

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