$200,000 in treasure found in Alberta after 5-day hunt

Jun 6 2019, 1:14 am

Calgary’s $100,000 treasure has finally been found.

After a five-day hunt that started on June 1, both Edmonton and Calgary’s GoldHunt treasures have been discovered by Albertans.

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GoldHunt is a real-life treasure hunt that sells maps and clues that could lead would-be “pirates” to a $100,000 worth of mint gold and silver pieces.

Hunts kicked off in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary on June 1, and the Edmonton treasure was the first to be found.

A family from Sherwood Park put together the provided clues and nabbed the valuable haul just 20 hours after the hints were released.

Calgary’s find took a little longer, as a release from GoldHunt states that it was finally found on June 5 by an Edmontonian who had travelled down to YYC after the Edmonton treasure was uncovered.

The winner, a man named Jeff Lerue, stated in the release that the money “couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Lerue had just been denied Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH). He has been off work for the past two years due to a disability that requires him to walk with a cane and be supported by his girlfriend.

He said in the release that he plans to take said girlfriend on a vacation with the winnings, as well as pay off some bills.

While the hunt may officially be over in Alberta, another $100,000 is still somewhere out there in Vancouver.

Maps and clues are available online for $35 to $55 (the steeper price includes bonus clues), and you will need to show proof of purchase before you can claim the final prize.

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