YVR tweets holiday travel tips using examples from Home Alone

Dec 18 2019, 12:41 am

It is the busiest time of the year for holiday travel, with Vancouver International Airport (YVR), seeing up to 90,000 people travelling through the terminals every day.

This means if you’re heading out on a winter getaway, or just going to see family, you need to be prepared.

Luckily, everyone’s favourite airport twitter account, @yvrairport, is back with another incredible thread, this time on holiday travel tips — with a twist of course.

YVR tweeted out holiday travel tips using examples from the holiday movie Home Alone, to remind travellers to stay organized by sharing examples of what not to do.

The thread begins with @yvrairport explaining the pot of the famous film for the “two or three people who haven’t watched it yet.

The film follows the McAllister family, before their vacation to Paris. Because of the holiday chaos and a number of unfortunate events, their son Kevin gets left Home Alone

“Losing or destroying a paper ticket isn’t an issue for 2019 travellers, but it does bring us to our 1st TRAVEL TIP – be prepared and confirm travel details in advance! Have all travel documents and ID stored securely in a safe place leading up to the big day and check-in online,” says YVR.

The next piece of travel wisdom YVR imparts is finding foolproof ways to ensure you wake up for your flight — one thing the McAllister’s didn’t do.

If you want to avoid the fate of the McAllister family, be on time.

The next tip is that you should arrange transportation ahead of time, one thing the McAllisters did do, with a shuttle they had set up to the airport.

While YVR doesn’t offer a shuttle service, some airports in the area do, and you can always get a ride from a friend, take the Canada Line, or find long-term parking near the airport if needed.

Next, YVR says to avoid distractions when gathering belongings or extended family members for a trip to make sure you don’t miss anything — or anyone.

The “nosy neighbour kid” is the reason the final family count was accurate, and is the reason Kevin gets left behind.

The family leaves and barely makes it on the plane, when they realize something is missing.

All of the stress could have been avoided if the family just planned ahead.

The full thread is available on Twitter, and YVR’s full list of holiday travel tips is available online.

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