More YVR flights identified for coronavirus exposure

Sep 3 2020, 12:44 am

The Government of Canada has added more flights that either took off from or landed at Vancouver International Airport to its list of routes with potential coronavirus exposure.

Departing on August 26, Air Canada flight AC210 from Vancouver to Calgary has been named for potential coronavirus exposure. Most at risk are rows 21 to 27.

Two Flair Air flights that departed on August 24 were also added to the list. Flight F8711 from Vancouver to Prince George had someone positive for coronavirus sitting near rows 26 to 32. A second flight, F8711 from Vancouver to Edmonton, also had a coronavirus-positive passenger sitting somewhere between row six and row 18.

The federal government updates its list of flights with potential coronavirus exposure every day, and advises all passengers on the identified flights to watch for symptoms for 14 days after exposure.

Those who remain healthy do not need to self-isolate.

Anyone who gets sick should make arrangements to get a coronavirus test.

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