5 delicious dishes to try at this new health-focused Vancouver restaurant

Feb 23 2022, 8:46 pm

Eating out or ordering in is a familiar luxury. It’s a form of self-care and a way to save yourself some necessary time from the constant grocery shopping, planning, and meal prepping that cooking entails.

But often one of the largest downsides to eating out is the hit it can take on your health. However, this is not the case with the new Vancouver spot Sugarless.Cafe — quite the opposite, actually.

This health-focused restaurant is low-carb, keto-friendly, and was founded by Clint Cheng — a certified health coach with diabetes who managed to wean himself off medication for good by adjusting his diet. They specialize in freshly prepared meal plans that change each week (so you never get bored) and help customers control their blood sugar and improve their overall health.

So in the spirit of health, wellness, and always being excited by a new restaurant to try, we’ve rounded up the top five dishes we’d like to try from the local health spot.

1. Keto Spanish garlic shrimp

Total cal 554 cal; net carb 7 g; fat 46 g; protein 28 g

a dish from healthy restaurants in vancouver

Garlic Shrimp meal plan dish from Sugarless.Cafe (Sugarless.Cafe)

Come on, who doesn’t love garlic shrimp? For the seafood fanatics out there, this one is a sure bet.

And Sugarless.Cafe can be trusted in making this simple meal special all while still sticking to your health goals. The team is made up of nutritionists and chefs who cook a variety of popular, cross-continental cuisines.

Through the spots meal plan service, dishes like this would be delivered to your door from Monday to Friday, before or around lunchtime, and feature two or three meal boxes per delivery, depending on the order.

2. Keto baked lobster with pesto

Total cal 557; net carb 10 g; fat 43 g; protein 32 g

a dish from healthy restaurants in vancouver

Lobster with pesto dish from Sugarless.Cafe (Sugarless.Cafe)

Who says you can’t indulge when eating healthy? Lobster has got to be the epitome of indulgence in dining, making it the biggest win knowing you could be on the path to optimal health whilst enjoying a lobster dinner.

And a fresh Lobster dinner — delivered? Enough said.

3. Keto butter braised French-style chicken

Total cal 725; net carb 10 g; fat 56 g; protein 45 g

healthy restaurants vancouver

The French-style chicken dish from Sugarless.Cafe (Sugarless.Cafe)

Ça sonne bien, oui? The featured French chicken itself looks and sounds delicious, but what also makes all of these meals even better are the various sides that come along with each entree, tying the dishes together. Fresh salads and roasted veggies add more flavours and textures to your plate, making your meal a well-rounded experience.

And there’s no need to even do any cooking when you’re on a meal plan with Sugarless.Cafe. Not only does the restaurant freshly prepare the meal, they even cook them ahead for you. It’s healthy eating made as easy as possible.

4. Keto Argentina-style braised beef with wine sauce

Total cal 725; net carb 11 g; fat 58 g; protein 38 g

healthy restaurants vancouver

The Argentina-style braised beef dish from Sugarless.Cafe (Sugarless.Cafe)

In offering this delicious Arengtinian inspired dish, Sugarless.Cafe is proving that you don’t have to write off red meat to go low-carb.

Cheng learned this through a long journey of nutrition education where he discovered how to lower his blood sugar levels naturally through a low-carb, keto-friendly diet. To Cheng, Sugarless.Cafe is how he shares his success story with the world.

“Our team lifts the burden of working out what to eat with our complete solution. We cook low-carb food with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that take the guesswork out of your health,” says Cheng. “We make it easier for you to reach your health goals.”

5. Keto creamy mushroom cauliflower fried rice

Total cal 385; net carb 8.2 g; fat 33.5 g; protein 4.5 g

healthy restaurants vancouver

Cauliflower fried rice meal plan dish from Sugarless.Cafe (Sugarless.Cafe)

How many different ways can we say yum? Cauliflower fried rice has got to be one of the most satisfying meals when you feel like you need some comfort food. And with Sugarless.Cafe’s dish, this delicious dish is also healthy (what we call a good ol’ win-win).

Sugarless.Cafe home meal kit

Sugarless.Cafe home meal kit (Sugarless.Cafe)

To enjoy endless meals like these five, a weekly or monthly meal plan is where it’s at. Through their meal plans, Sugarless.Cafe offers every day, ready-to-eat meals that are fresh and delivered right to customers’ doors. Their specialized menus change each week, so you can try various plates and never get bored of healthy eating.

The restaurant also has a meal plan-related contest running, which you can check out amidst browsing for meals. To sign up for a Sugarless.Cafe meal plan, visit their website here. You can learn more about the eatery as well as see all the drool-worthy dishes by visiting their Instagram @sugarless.cafe.

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