Vancouver Lingerie Line Uses Profits to Provide Underwear to Girls Living in Poverty

Dec 19 2017, 5:41 pm

Vancouver-based underwear and lingerie line you&her is on a mission to empower the young women of Africa by providing them with the most basic supplies they don’t have access to – more specially, underwear.

“Worldwide, statistics show that on average 155 girls in every village in Africa have dropped out of school because they cannot afford sanitary towels and underwear at the age of menstruation.” (Keep a Girl In School, April 2013)

you&her is on a mission to bring down these numbers and step in before these women are pulled out of school. Too often, these 12-14 year old girls are seen as ready for marriage and childbearing when they stay home from school repetitively. They want to encourage families and communities to value their girls’ education, and remind her how important, and full of opportunity she really is.

By wearing their underwear, you&her wants you to start your day with a reminder of the strength possessed by all women. They offer this through garments that are comfortable, sexy, and made with compassion. For her, they are on a mission to target poverty through education, encouraging young women to stay in school. you&her creates a platform for these two different worlds of women joined by a common trait to invest in one another. And, what better way to aid in another woman’s journey than to help provide her with her most basic needs. “This need for young girls to have underwear is one which women are MADE to answer – and with the introduction of you&her, all women can contribute to the solution,” says Founder, Christina Norman.

For every pair purchased and made in Vancouver, several pairs are made and distributed to girls in Zambia to keep them in school. By making a purchase, you enable a you&her funded sewing center in Zambia to produce her underwear, and distribute in tandem with extra supplies these young girls need as they fight to stay in school past puberty. This means locally made underwear for both you – and her.

By purchasing locally made underwear, you are empowered to aid in another woman’s journey. To learn more about this cause and make a difference, visit you&her.

Vancouver Lingerie Line, You&Her

Vancouver Lingerie Line, You&Her

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