You can get $5 ramen crêpes in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Jan 14 2018, 7:31 am

Yoshida Shoten, the newest spot from the Zakkushi Group, (Zakkushi on Denman, Zakkushi Dining on Main) houses two purveyors: Ramen Raijin Express, a late-night ramen spot, and J Crêpe, a specialty crêpe vendor.

The latter is stuffing their house-made charcoal crêpes with ramen – and people are loving it.

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Located at 8265 Oak Street, J Crêpe is the place you need to go to for this awesome creation. It’s called the Ramen Raijin Crêpe and it consists of noodles, corn, green onion, seaweed, naturo, soup gelée, and chashu, all wrapped in their signature charcoal crêpe.

But that’s not the only kind of out-of-this-world crêpe you can get. Behold the Crème Brûlée Crêpe – made with passionfruit jelly, whipped cream in a charcoal bamboo crêpe.

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You can also order the Bacon & Egg variety, a combo of thick sliced bacon, egg salad, lettuce, and ketchup, and teriyaki chicken with mayo from the Savoury Crêpe series, and the Furtune (strawberry, red bean whipped cream) with a matcha crêpe.

There are also mini crepes (matcha and strawberry, charcoal and mango), and several other kinds of sweet and savoury crêpes to order here.

All of the crêpes from J Crêpe are only $5 from now until January 31 as a part of their grand opening special, AKA it’s the perfect time to hit it up.

Other than the crêpes and ramen, Yoshida serves as a corner store-like stop as it offers Japanese snacks and candy.

Yoshida Shoten (J Crêpe/Raijin Express)

Address: 8265 Oak Street, Vancouver

J Crêpe – Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm
Raijin Express – Thursday to Saturday from 10 pm to midnight

Instagram: @jcrepe_raijinexpress

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