Yaletown's original Glowbal Grill closing, moving to new flagship at TELUS Garden

Dec 19 2017, 12:50 pm

The days are numbered for Glowbal Grill in Yaletown, which will be closing its doors at the end of this year in anticipation of its big move into the Central Business District.

Glowbal Collection opened its first restaurant at Yaletown in 2002 and has since grown into one of the city’s largest chains of casual dining restaurants. The Glowbal Grill will remain open until December 31, 2014 when the restaurant hosts a closing party on New Year’s Eve – a final toast to the original namesake.

This will be followed up by the opening of three new Glowbal Collection establishments at TELUS Garden in the fourth quarter of 2015.

This includes a “casual market” restaurant, a 15,000 square foot flagship restaurant with 300 indoor seats and a 150-seat outdoor patio, and a cocktail lounge. Each of the three establishments at TELUS Garden will have separate grand openings.

TELUS Garden’s 22-storey office tower on West Georgia Street is scheduled for full completion in early-2015 and will house 5,000 employees from TELUS headquarters, Amazon and law firm Bull Housser. The 44-storey residential component of the project on Robson Street side will be available for occupation in 2016.


Feature Image: Justin Leigh / Vancity Buzz