Metro Vancouver woman fined for leaving dog in hot car after two warnings

Jul 16 2020, 4:26 pm

Delta police gave a dog owner a $200 ticket on Tuesday for leaving their dog in a parked car in Tsawwassen.

The officer found the woman had two previous warnings about leaving her dog in the hot car and decided this time to issue a fine.

“In this case, the officer clearly felt the dog owner needed more than just another warning,” Delta police spokesperson Cris Leykauf told Daily Hive.

She explained it’s up to officer discretion to issue tickets for leaving dogs in cars but said officers usually focus on education since dog owners may not know that it’s not safe to leave animals in the car when it’s 20Ā°C outside.

The Delta owner had left the car windows open just a crack, but that’s still dangerous for animals and children in warm weather.

The incident prompted the police force to issue a warning on Twitter reminding people not to leave kids or pets in cars during the summer ā€” not even for a few minutes.

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