This new skincare trend will have you rethinking everything

Apr 27 2021, 5:50 pm

When we pause to reflect on the rollercoaster of a year we’ve collectively had, it’s not often we ponder the impact it’s had on our skin.

Transitioning from a daily on-the-go routine to spending more time at home and wearing masks when we do leave the house for work or grocery runs is bound to throw our skin a little off-kilter.

But on the bright side, with reduced commutes and social activities, we now have more time in our days to invest in self-care. In a personal pursuit to enhance our skincare routines, we discovered the trend of multi-masking — using more than one type of face mask simultaneously.

With nothing to lose, we decided to source a range of clay masks from Bl’eau, a Canadian skincare brand and purveyor of natural products, to try multi-masking for ourselves.

Dealing with combination skin (notably an oily T-zone and dry cheeks) in need of a healthy glow, we chose the transcend bundle containing a revitalizing algae clay mask, a nourishing spirulina clay mask, and an illuminating seaweed clay mask. 

Applying the masks evenly is easy when you use the included spatula (avoiding the eyes and mouth, of course), and you can use them as part of your multi-masking routine anywhere from two to three times per week, or even more often if desired. Not only does multi-masking help your skin adapt to seasonal weather changes, but it also evokes a spa-like experience at home.

Before you get started, Melanie Liu, COO of Bl’eau, recommends applying the clay face mask that needs to be left on for the longest period first. When it comes to taking the masks off, you can remove all of them at the same time, but remember to follow up with a toner to allow for maximum skin hydration.

Our skin is always evolving and changing, which is why Liu suggests switching up your multi-masking combo to meet these changes over time. Whether you’re looking for masks that can help reduce the signs of aging, minimize your porescleanse your pores, combat dryness or skin sensitivity, or target acne-prone skin, brands like Bl’eau have products designed to tackle these areas head-on.

Bl’eau has been making strides in the skincare industry since launching in 2019. One of the main reasons for this is the brand’s commitment to crafting pure, vegan products — free from toxins, parabens, and never tested on animals.

To achieve this level of prestige, it uses two ingredients not commonly found in skincare products: Canadian glacial oceanic clay and glacial mineral water, both of which are Ecocert– and COSMOS-certified of natural origin.

Glacial oceanic clay is sourced in BC before being sustainably harvested. The clay has over 60 minerals and skin-nourishing elements to promote healthy skin. Interestingly, it contains natural osmotic and ionic properties that are clinically proven to detoxify, deep cleanse, and reduce excess sebum (a waxy substance) on the skin — by 95%. This was according to a report called Determination of the Efficacy and Tolerance of a Facial Mask conducted by Evalulab.

What happens next? The pores tighten, increasing collagen production by 70% for more youthful skin according to the Collagen Production and anti-inflammation simplified study conducted by UBC Laboratory. At the same time, the skin hydrates and cools while being protected against pollutants and restoring pH balance.

Glacial mineral water, the other key ingredient used in Bl’eau products, is a natural extract of pure oceanic clay, which immediately infuses it with minerals and trace elements to nourish the skin. “It is rich in minerals by the continuous flow of the ocean and glaciers that have various skin benefits,” says Liu.

When compared with purified water, it’s been clinically proven to show higher levels of hydration. Without going too far into the science behind it, glacial mineral water removes dirt, oil, and excess sebum all while reducing pore size, rejuvenating the skin, and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

It also balances the skin’s pH and soothes it with anti-inflammatory properties to reveal smooth, supple skin. After just under a month of using clay masks made with this water, we can confirm that our skin is softer than it’s been in a long time — our pores have tightened, and we feel pretty darn radiant.

The biggest misconception people have about using clay masks? Liu says it’s that clay doesn’t work for people with dry skin. “While clay is known for detoxifying — subsequently drying — the skin and shrinking pores, clay also has many hydrating qualities to it.”

If you’re eager to try multi-masking, now’s the perfect time to start because Bl’eau is running a spring wellness week promotion from April 23 to 30, offering 15% off full-sized clay masks — including full-size organic and transcend bundles.

For an additional 10% off your order, use the code DH10 at the checkout. Insider tip: The first 10 readers to use this discount code will receive a complimentary hydrating glacial moisturizing cream along with their purchase.

To learn more about Bl’eau and shop the full skincare collection, visit

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