Win a Paul Betenly wardrobe at the Baracos + Brand: Suit up Pop up event at the Shangri-La Hotel

With winter lurking around the corner and the mind still set on summer, it sometimes proves difficult to get the wardrobe suited up for the months forthcoming. What better way to get things rolling than to attend the Baracos + Brand Suit up Pop Up event!

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The Baracos + Brand Suit Up Pop Up event takes place at the Shangri-La Hotel on Wednesday, October 2. The event will be held in the Library Room on the 6th floor with doors opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 5 p.m.; remember to arrive hungry for a complimentary breakfast or lunch. Suits start as low as $399, with made to measure suits starting at $700!

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October 2 and the Suit Up Pop Up event hosted by Baracos + Brand are drawing near, providing the perfect opportunity for men to upgrade their current wardrobe. RSVP today for your 20-minute fitted appointment by email ([email protected]) or by phone 604-925-1812 and you’re automatically entered in our Paul Betenly wardrobe giveaway!

Baracos + Brand is an incredibly innovative menswear store, situated in West Vancouver. Our team of personal stylists and fashion consultants are present to make sure all our customers leave looking like a gentleman.

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