Win a $3,600 diamond this holiday season (CONTEST)

Dec 8 2016, 7:19 pm

December is the season of parties, and parties are a great reason to get all fancied up.

Pull out your favourite dress, slip on your best jewellery, grace your lips with some fabulous lipstick and you’re ready to head out and dazzle all your friends.

But December glamour can quickly turn into the winter blues if you lose your most beloved piece of jewellery. It happens often, and can sometimes be easily prevented by following a few simple safety rules. We’ve partnered with Ann-Louise Jewellers to bring you a couple tips to help make your diamonds yours forever.

Never take it off

Diamond ring

Diamond ring/Kristen Borelli

You know where you’re guaranteed to never find your favourite ring? A public place. Taking off jewellery when you aren’t at home is just plain risky, so get in the habit of keeping it on at all times. Even if you need to wash your hands or put on sunscreen, just keep the bling on. If you have to take it off, make sure to put it in your purse or pocket, rather than on a counter.

Don’t wear expensive jewellery while drinking

If you’re getting a little buzzed, leave the jewellery you really love at home. It’s easier to lose things after a few drinks, so leave grandma’s pearls or your sixth anniversary diamond necklace at home and settle for some costume rhinestones. You’ll be happy you did when you find out it wound up on the cab’s carpet.

Beware of the temperature


Diamond/deposit photos

Cold temperatures can actually make your fingers shrink, so don’t be surprised if you find your ring slipping off more than usual. Make sure to pay attention if you’re going outside without gloves on – and if you’re wearing gloves you’ll want to pay even more attention, since the ring could slip off your hand when you take them off.

Keep the setting strong

Winter means knit scarves, hats, and cardigans – which is great for keeping warm and looking fabulous. But these winter fashion statements can also be the culprit of many diamond losses. Rings and bracelets set with diamonds or gemstones can get caught in the weave, and if the metal claws holding the stone in have become weak, it’s goodbye diamond. Keep your stones safe by having a jeweller check the metal claws from time to time – after all, getting a claw replaced periodically is a small price to pay compared to replacing a diamond.

Even the best laid plans can go awry, and our jewellery can get lost in the holiday shuffle.

Many people go to jewellers looking to replace a lost or stolen piece of jewellery. Often, they don’t have the same budget to work with – it’s hard to reinvest in an engagement ring worth three-months pay. So these people either downsize or talk themselves out of a replacement all together.

That’s what inspired Ann-Louise Jewellers to put on the Win a Diamond contest. They wanted to give a chance to people who had lost a cherished diamond to get another one back without spending a fortune – as well as give those who could never afford one in the first place a chance to own a diamond.


Enter to win a half carat, GIA certified diamond, valued at $3,600.


To enter to win a half carat, GIA certified diamond, fill out the online form on Ann-Louise Jewellers’ website.

Contest entries will be accepted until December 28, 2016. The contest winner will be announced on January 1, 2017.

This contest is being run under Ann-Louise Jewellers own rules and regulations.

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