Will the Frozen Beer Fad Come to Vancouver?

Dec 19 2017, 6:27 pm

Frozen beer has been trending in Japan for the last few years but it just started making it’s way to our shores with this weeks announcement that Toronto bars will start serving the beverage. Will Vancouver follow the trend?

What exactly is frozen beer? Well it’s almost exactly what it sounds like. Using foam technology, beer is transformed into an ice cold froth which is then used to top a regular pint of beer. The best way to visualize this would be to think of replacing the head on the beer with a frozen yogurt like consistency.

The trend has been around since 2010, when major Japanese beer makers Asahi and Kirin started experimenting with the technology in trendy bars in Tokyo. The foam retains its alcohol content and actually acts as an insulator, keeping your pint cold. Now the Toronto Star is reporting that five Izakaya’s around town are jumping on the trend and offering the frosty pints. So will the trend make it’s way to Vancouver?

The likely answer to that question is yes. With Vancouver’s love affair of Izakayas the odds of having a few offer frozen beer is pretty high. That being said, don’t expect to see frozen beer pop-up at any of our craft beer loving places however, as many beer lovers/snobs will happily point out that chilling a beer that cool dilutes the flavour (now you know why Coors Light wants you to drink it “Ice Cold”).

Light beers seem to work best with the foam, so pairing an Asahi or Sapporo frozen beer with some sashimi actually sounds pretty appealing, especially with the summer months quickly approaching. We will keep you updated if this new fad becomes available at our local Izakayas.

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