A wild otter has been eating the koi fish at Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden (VIDEO)

Nov 21 2018, 4:59 am

The Vancouver Park Board and the Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Classical Garden are dealing with an animal issue that’s otter-ly unusual.

On Sunday, November 17, the staff at the Chinese Garden spotted a river otter in the Garden’s pond.

It’s very much a mystery as to how it arrived there, although the Vancouver Park Board say the animal possibility came from False Creek or the Burrard Inlet.

“They’re very resourceful and can easily make their way inland,” says the Vancouver Park Board. “Especially when sniffing out a food source.

A photo on Twitter, posted on Friday, November 16, shows a river otter moving through Carroll Street in Chinatown.

Although cute, the otter has caused some serious damage to the garden’s ecosystem. Since arriving, it’s eaten at least five of the attraction’s koi fish.

The garden has Koi of all ages, ranging from babies to some that are 50-years-old. There’s no concrete plan on how to replenish the population just yet.

The Park Board has since been planning a course of action on how to contain and relocate the animal.

A member of the park board confirmed with Daily Hive that as of earlier this morning, the otter was still on site. Crews have closed off the public area of the garden and have set up a crate, in which they hope to trap the animal.

Once done, the otter will be relocated to Stanley Park.

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