Custom sandal by Vancouver startup most crowdfunded 3D product ever

Apr 11 2017, 5:51 am

Local startup Wiivv has created the world’s first ever custom-fit sandals that you can design from your smartphone. And now, they’re even closer to reaching their goal of launching a slick leather footbed.

Wiivv just hit their funding target of $250,000 for the revolutionary sandals – but they’re not stopping there. The startup is changing the footwear game and needs your help to reach a stretch goal of $600,000 to create a leather footbed. With only 48 hours left for them to reach their goal, they’re encouraging Vancouverites to visit Kickstarter and help out.

This means your custom-fit sandals will reach an unparalleled level of comfort – who could argue with that? You can check out Wiivv’s live campaign on Kickstarter.

And to make things even better, the entire design process begins right on your smartphone. Wiivv has an app that lets you digitally create a pair of sandals from your smartphone, after which point they’re biomechanically enhanced, 3D printed, and assembled in San Diego.

That means we finally have a custom pair of sandals made entirely for your own feet – from your phone. And what’s also cool is that you know the products are ready-to-wear in the city because they’ve already been tested on the streets of Yaletown, plus the beaches of English Bay and Kitsilano.

Creating your own pair is quick and easy. All you have to do is download the Wiivv foot capture app for your smartphone, take photos of your feet through the app (which digitally map your feet), choose the straps you’d like, and wait for your footwear to arrive in the mail.

Revolutionary to the world of footwear, the sandals are designed to fit the unique contours of your feet. And they reduce manufacturing costs through 3D printing production.

Designers at Wiivv have factored in functionality, durability, and sustainability into the sandal design. Oh, and they’re made from a super soft, premium material that’s 100% closed-loop recyclable.

Biomechanically designed to fit your feet with custom arch support, Wiivv sandals help relieve joint discomfort, foot fatigue, and even plantar fasciitis, allowing you to move with comfort. The sandals even feature adjustable toe thong locations to fit your foot, and interchangeable straps so you can change up your look to suit your style for different outfits and occasions.

Wiivv custom-fit sandals have been tested at extreme temperatures to make sure they meet all your needs, at the Lululemon White Space Innovation Lab along with the Fortius Sport and Health Center, right here in Vancouver.

Wiivv officially has the most funded 3D printed product on Kickstarter and now they need your help to reach their new goal of $600,000 to get the leather footbed into production. Just imagine the comfort when you add a leather layer into your own personally customized sandals.

For more information, check out Wiivv on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or to snap up your own pair of revolutionary sandals, visit Wiivv online.

Support local. Support Wiivv’s Kickstarter campaign – you can donate for only 48 more hours.

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