Who Will be the BC Liberals New Leader?

Dec 19 2017, 4:41 am

Yesterday Gordon Campbell announced he will be stepping down as the Liberal party leader. Naturally, this was going to happen and it amazes me that the local news media was still shocked by this. The writing was on the wall, after all it was the smart political move, so why the shock?

Naturally, the HST will be linked to his downfall. However, why would anyone that isn’t part of a union vote for the NDP?  During the whole HST debacke the NDP did very little, just complain, because they don’t have the cranial capacity to look at and understand the entire spectrum of economic drivers of an economy. They know unions and how to protect them, that’s about it. If it wasn’t for the relentless attacks from Vander Zalm, who knows if the public would still even care about the HST. The whole referendum on the HST is also a waste of time and money.

Overall, he was a good leader. Like I tweeted yesterday, I’ll take Gordon Campbell over Carole “no plans, just complain” James any day of the week. I know NDP supporters will point to the convention centre and call it the Liberals fast ferry, however, that attack further reiterates what I’ve said before. The NDP doesn’t understand the economy.

Many of our readers were probably to young  to care about politics during the 1990’s. Consider yourself lucky. Enough said.

Now the following people names have been thrown out as potential successors:
1. Kevin Falcon
2. Mike de Jong
3. Dianne Watts
4. John Furlong

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