White Student Union Facebook hoax reaches SFU

Dec 20 2017, 2:44 am

The white student union prank that is sweeping North America seems to have reached Simon Fraser University now.


A Facebook page claiming to be SFU’s White Student Union was created, claiming they were inspired by UBC’s incarnation that is in no way affiliated with the school.

The description once again uses the same formula that many other white student union pages have used.

Here is SFU’s description:

Image: Screenshot / Facebook

Image: Screenshot / Facebook

And here is UBC’s description:

Screenshot / Facebook

Screenshot / Facebook

And here are two more examples from American universities:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.25.15 PM

Image: Screenshot / Facebook


Image: Screenshot / Facebook

Image: Screenshot / Facebook

The group claims to be giving a voice to the white “minority” on campus so they can be heard and they are in no way associated with Nazism or white supremacy.

It’s been suggested by other media outlets the person or group who started the various white student union Facebook pages is part of an elaborate hoax.

Medium reports the first white student union page popped up on November 18 at the University of Illinois, but it was promptly shut down.

UBC made it very clear that the white student union page associated with the school was not sanctioned nor endorsed by the school.

Here is SFU’s statement on the page:

This Facebook page is not an official SFU page or group and is concerning. We understand a number of our students are upset by it and we will be investigating any further steps that can be taken to support these students and address their concerns. The University has already contacted Facebook about the page. Students and university community members who have concerns should also contact Facebook directly to report the page through their inappropriate content reporting tool.   

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