White Rock councillor says pregnant women dress to look like "sausage casings"

Dec 19 2017, 11:03 pm

A White Rock city councillor is raising some eyebrows after he told a local radio podcast that pregnant women should wear looser clothing.

David Chesney made the comments on the Goddard Report podcast, hosted by Vancouver broadcaster Jim Goddard, and posted to YouTube earlier this month.

The pair talks about the hate mail sent to Global BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon, who is pregnant, in regards to the clothing she was wearing on the air.


“I am not advocating that they wear tents, but there is maternity wear, I see women, I run into women all the time in the local grocery, they can’t get on anymore skin tight, it looks like sausage casings, their belly button is actually pushing through the material, and I look at that, and I go, I get it, you’re pregnant alright.”

“Even into the ’80s women wore a little bit more loose fitting clothes, but as I say, nowadays, how they can yank on those lulu lemon sweatpants and body dance skins, and go out in public at eight months pregnant, I don’t find it repulsive, I just question why that, why do you have to walk around like that” he adds during the podcast interview.

Chesney also shared his thoughts on maternity leave.

“You get one year maternity leave, so women want to come to work until their water breaks so they can have one year off from the time the baby is born. They are not taking a month off ahead of time, they are coming to work, they are barely able to walk, they can’t sit down, they are not comfortable, I don’t know, it is a fine line.”

When asked about his comments today, Chesney says he isn’t offended by the clothing some pregnant women choose to wear.

“I don’t, I never said I found it offensive at all. I simply said that it appears to me that nowadays a number of women feel very comfortable wearing tight fitting clothes that resemble sausage casings.”

“I commented that nowadays a lot of women that I see can be very, uh, bent on wearing the tightest fitting clothes that they possibly can” he said.

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