What if social media sites were girls?

Dec 19 2017, 8:47 pm

Local director, Milton Ng, has just finished a film festival run for his short film, “Next Like | Which Social Media Would You Date?” Produced by BAM3 pictures the short features several social media sites as girls (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr).

The short film featured Supernatural star, Osric Chau along with co-star, Owen Kwong and was filmed locally.

The short was nominated for Best Canadian Short at Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and was an official selection at Edmonton International Film Festival, Philadelphia Asian Film Festival and LA Cinematic Arts Film Festival.

Milton worked as a grip on the TV show, Arrow and it was there were he realized how everybody is always on their phones. But not just at work, everywhere. Nowadays society is so flooded with people on their phones check out their facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr or youtube watching videos.

Having noticed that, Milton wanted to combine it with a heart warming, feel good story.

With social media constantly in everyone’s face, Milton wondered what if social media was a person? There were so many different qualities about each and every social media that he could pinpoint on a person and there, the research began.

After analyzing the various social media channels he began to connect them with qualities of a woman. Milton, along with co-writer, Mike Cosgrave and story editor, Brendan Rae had to focus on which social media would make the final cut.

“I thought about having Google Plus, Pinterest and Tinder, but saw a relation with google plus and YouTube already, Tinder being more of a ‘dating’ and ‘hookup’ app and Pinterest was similar in tones with Tumblr to some degree. At the end of the writing, I was happy with the 12 draft,” laughed Milton.

The whole project took seven months.

[youtube id=”E4kBTsJr8Rw”]

BAM3 Pictures: made up of fellow team members Alfonso Chin, Brendan Rae, Miguel Flores, Christine Huang, Glenn Somera

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