3 reasons why you shouldn't wait to buy a home

Nov 3 2016, 11:02 pm

Imagine a neighbourhood that’s more than just home.

You relish in its weekend activities, enjoying the craft brewery’s latest drink. It’s where you relax, in the serene local park placed strategically in the middle of urban life.

Imagine a neighbourhood that gets you places, connected to public transit along with easy access to highways. And imagine a neighbourhood that gives you everything you need, because tons of amenities are only a few minutes away.

As a reality check, you don’t have to imagine it – you can live it.

The Wex is a new development going up in Yorkson, Langley, and it offers all these things. What’s more is that the development itself has a ton of great qualities. When you decide you want to buy a condo in this awesome new community, you won’t want to wait – and it’s not just because you can’t wait to move into your new favourite neighbourhood.

Preregistering for a condo actually has a lot of benefits. You get more control over your home along with some great deals on prices too. Too good to be true? Not at all.

Check out these three reasons why you should register for your condos before the development opens for sale.




When you register early for a new development, you get the best selection. At The Wex, a new Langley development, there are only 94 one- and two-bedroom, and two bedroom plus flex condos available. By signing up as a VIP registrant, you’ll ensure you get the size of condo you want, on the floor you want, with the view you want – before the high demand snatches them all up.


When you decide to buy a condo before the development is finished, you get so many more opportunities to make the house your own. After the roof of a development is put on, all the finishing for the condos have to be pre-ordered to ensure everything is finished on time. If you register ahead of time and pick the condo you want, you can choose which colour scheme you want in your home – without having to make any compromises.




VIP registration means you’ll get access to the best prices for your home. Developers often offer amazing deals before construction actually starts – so you can get discounts on already affordable condos. Public pricing for condos at The Wex starts in the $260,000’s. Just imagine what you could be paying for your dream condo if you registered early.

Previews and opportunities for VIP registrants have already started for The Wex and you won’t want to miss any of them. The Wex opens for sale on November 12, so you’ll have to move fast if you want to take advantage of these awesome VIP opportunities.

To become a VIP registrant and get all the benefits of buying early, book an appointment with The Wex‘s sales representatives or register online. For more information call 604-513-8655, email [email protected] and visit www.thewex.ca.

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