Wendy's opens its first ghost kitchen in Canada

Nov 12 2020, 3:44 pm

Wendy’s Canada has announced a new partnership with REEF’s Neighbourhood Kitchens in Toronto, bringing ghost kitchens to the forefront of Toronto’s unique fast-food restaurant scene.

In its venture of exploring new formats to reach customers, Wendy’s introduces their first ghost kitchen with the help of REEF’s proximity-based network of delivery-only Neighborhood Kitchens.

“Building a brick and mortar restaurant in every neighbourhood across Toronto may not always be possible,” said Stephen Piacentini, Vice President, Global Restaurant Development and Recruiting at The Wendy’s Company in a news release.

“By partnering with companies like REEF, we can bring Wendy’s into dense, urban areas without the overhead of operating a traditional restaurant space.”

ghost kitchen

Wendy’s Canada

This move allows Wendy’s to cater to the downtown population and “address the evolving needs of today’s urban Canadian consumers.”

The first ghost kitchen is located at 325 Front Street, close to the Rogers’ Centre and Scotiabank.

Customers are able to place an order through a delivery provider or order their food in person for pick-up.

“By providing access to our distributed real estate network, REEF’s Neighborhood Kitchens enable restaurants to extend their delivery areas by providing proximity to their customers, while also reducing delivery times and giving them the ability to scale more quickly into new geographies,” said Carl Segal, REEF’s Chief Operating Officer, in the news release.

“We are thrilled to welcome Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada onto the REEF platform and look forward to bringing this beloved brand to more consumers in Toronto and across Canada.”

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