The inclusive welcome message at Canada House in Pyeongchang will melt your heart

Feb 14 2018, 6:57 am

Canadian pride is on full display at the 2018 Winter Games Peyongchang but perhaps the biggest display of our nation’s welcoming spirit is the sign outside Canada House.

The sign says:

Within these walls where those with Olympic hearts come to gather, you are welcomed, accepted and respected.

This is your house no matter who you are or where you come from.

You are at home, regardless of your sex, sexual orientation, race, marital or family status, gender identity or expression, sex characteristics, creed, age, colour, disability, political or religious belief.

All that we ask is that you be respectful of all Olympic competitors, make some noise and cheer loudest for the ones wearing the red and white maple leaf!

Be proud. Be you. Be Olympic.

If that wasn’t the most Canadian thing you’ve read, we’re not sure what could beat it.

And the inspirational message is getting some serious attention on social media.

The Canadian Olympic Committee’s Canada House also doubles as a Pride House for all athletes around the world, making it an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

This definitely makes us even more proud to be Canadian!

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